A Smile

Have ya’ll ever stopped to think what a great impact a smile has on others?

I mean just look at that adorable little face and that cute smile, how the eyes shine.

A true honest to goodness….SMILE!!!

We all need to do a lot more smiling. It’s the one thing, that no matter what street, or community, or town, or continent you live in, we all have that in common.

We all have a smile!!!!

Yeah sure… some people have beautiful straight white teeth, some not so much, some missing a few, or a glimpse of silver caps in there, some no teeth at all..     


A smile makes your whole face light up when it’s real….

A smile says hello, or howdy, in any and every other language without saying a word.

See, it’s universal!!! 

It doesn’t matter if you’re brown, white, black, pink, purple or covered in poke-a-dots….

If you’re from Asia, Europe, Russia, America,  Egypt or South America, or wherever you may be….. 

A smile still speaks volumes.

So when you meet people, give em a smile.

A real honest to goodness…. eye twinkling…. feels good all the way to your toes smile.

I bet they’ll smile right back at ya…. and if they don’t, well bless their heart….  you gave them a smile anyway.

Oh, and if there ain’t nobody around, well just go find your mirror,

stand in front of it,

close your eyes…..

then just open them up with a great big beautiful smile on, and say…..



About Christine

Hi, I'm Christine... glad to meet you!!! Who am I? Well, I'm a Wife, Mom, Grandmother, aka Nana. I've worn many hats in my 50 plus years of life, traveled many roads. Some good, some bad.... and well some just downright ugly. But....... isn't it that way for all of us? Why a site? Good question...... I love to journal, research, talk, be an encouragement to others and make people smile... I always seem to have random topics going through my head, a whole lot of been there, done that, what was I thinking, please don't follow in my footsteps moments... or just plain simple thoughts.... or remember the good ol' days.... you never know what's going to be the next topic.... most of the time, I dont either... But life is sometimes that way...... So I hope you pull up a chair, kick off your shoes and just sit a spell. Again nice to meet ya!
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