Heavens Grocery Store

I want to tell yall a short story about this title, to help you understand why it means so much to me.

You see, I’m the office manager at a trucking company.    And well truck drivers are just people like everybody else.

And I have learned you can’t judge a book by its cover, and more importantly you can’t know a person’s heart, by the way, they look on the outside.

We had a truck driver many years ago, he was an older guy, talked loud, smoked a really smelly pipe all the time, wore jeans, black leather vest, cowboy boots and a wallet with a chain attached. 

He drove for us for quite some time, I always thought he had a biker outlaw image and could stretch the truth like a rubber band.

You never knew what was true and what wasn’t, most of the time it was the latter.

But anyway, he was the last person, I would have ever thought would do this.

But one afternoon, after he got in for a trip, he said…. ” Hey Christine, I got something for ya, when I saw it I thought of you.”

I had no idea what to expect.

Ron was a unique person, to put it mildly.

But to my surprise it was this beautiful poem, framed, that brought tears when I read it.

I brought it home and hung it on the wall, I still read it often, and yes it brings kind thoughts of a tough image man, that seemed to have a tender heart tucked away inside under all that tough exterior image.

I don’t know the author, I wish I did so I could recognize him here and tell him what a beautiful true story he or she had written.

I hope it touches your heart as well.

“Heaven’s Grocery Store”

I was walking down life’s highway a long time ago,

One day I saw a sign that said “Heaven’s Grocery Store.”

As I got a little closer the door came open wide,

And when I came to myself, I was standing inside.

I saw a host of angels, they were standing everywhere,

One handed me a basket, and said: “Child, shop with care.”

Everything a Christian needed was in that grocery store, 

And all you couldn’t carry, you could come back for more.

First I got some Patience, Love was in the same row,

Farther down was Understanding, you need that everywhere you go.

I got a box or two of Wisdom, a bag or two of Faith, 

I just couldn’t miss the Holy Ghost, for it was all over the place.

I stopped to get some Strength and Courage to help me run this race,

I didn’t forget Salvation, for Salvation that was free.

So I tried to get enough to save both you and me.

Then I started up to the counter to pay my grocery bill,

For I thought I had everything to do my Master’s will.

As I went up the aisle, I saw Prayer and I had to put that in,

For I knew when I stepped outside, I would run right into sin.

Peace and Joy were plentiful, they were near the last shelf, 

Songs and Praises were hanging, so I just helped myself.

Then I said to the angel, “Now how much do I owe?”

He just smiled and said, “Just take them everywhere you go.”

Again I smiled and said to him, “How much do I really owe?”

He smiled again and said, “My child, Jesus paid your bill a long time ago!”

About Christine

Hi, I'm Christine... glad to meet you!!! Who am I? Well, I'm a Wife, Mom, Grandmother, aka Nana. I've worn many hats in my 50 plus years of life, traveled many roads. Some good, some bad.... and well some just downright ugly. But....... isn't it that way for all of us? Why a site? Good question...... I love to journal, research, talk, be an encouragement to others and make people smile... I always seem to have random topics going through my head, a whole lot of been there, done that, what was I thinking, please don't follow in my footsteps moments... or just plain simple thoughts.... or remember the good ol' days.... you never know what's going to be the next topic.... most of the time, I dont either... But life is sometimes that way...... So I hope you pull up a chair, kick off your shoes and just sit a spell. Again nice to meet ya!
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