Staycation Days


Have any of you ever took a staycation?

That’s what hubby and I are doing for a few days.

The funny thing is, we started out with plans for a vacation, but we couldn’t agree together where we wanted to go.

I thought a cabin in the mountains to hibernate… he thought let’s go to Carolina to see family…

I thought let’s take a road trip up to Virginia, we couldn’t decide….

Soooooo, we both agreed just a few vacation days at home, to just rest and ramble around.

We’ve been working on the house after a pipe broke, which has been a nightmare and exhausting.

But God always brings good out of bad. So now all is done, just time to rest from all of it.

So here we are, on a staycation.

Today’s journey…. Resaca Georgia to the civil war battlegrounds… just a place to go, hubby’s idea of course. But it will be enjoyable, I suppose???

What’s next for another day, I think some retail therapy in Blue Ridge Georgia together, and maybe scope out some of the cabins for that mountain retreat I suggested to begin with. 😀😉😊

UPDATE: If you decide to visit Resaca for the battlegrounds, please don’t go through the week, it’s only open Friday and the Weekends.

I didn’t think to check that before we went…

Didn’t expect a historical park to be closed…. but oh well….

That’s life, to expect the unexpected!

What have I learned from a staycation?

It is very relaxing, your body gets used to slower days, sleeping in, no schedule, no deadlines.

I really enjoyed it, much more than I thought I would.

No packing, no traveling, no hotels, no traffic…. pretty good way to spend time off work.

I’ll have to do it again,……………….

and probably even a few more times!!!

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