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The Baby Question?

Oh my, I can’t start to tell you the times I make silly blunders, huge mishaps and stick my foot in my mouth….. just know its way too often.

Heres a story about one of those times.

I’m one of those folks that tend to speak first, think last……. or worse yet…. just say out loud whatever happens to run through my mind.

Case in point….. the baby question! You see, I absolutely adore babies and children. I have two grown children and four grandchildren of my own. I just love babies and children, ain’t no other way to say it.

So when I see a mother to be, I find myself smiling…. thinking ….. “Oh Father, a new baby on the way…. how wonderful.”

Well, you know what I do next… “I smile and say oh sweetie, when’s your baby due?”

Usually, this mom to be will grin from ear to ear, touch her belly affectionately and say…… ” in so and so months or weeks, whatever the case may be.”

A simple moment in our daily lives where two moms share a smile…

Well, I wish I could tell you it always goes so wonderfully well………. but, it doesn’t!!

I mean, have you ever seen a woman and think oh, she’s expecting? Our society today tends to be a bit “fuller” than in years past, I know I’m one of them. But sometimes it’s just really hard to tell. Hence, I need to learn to just smile and go on without saying a word.

But do I?????????????? Oh, no…….not this crazy old woman…………

Well, I was shopping a few weeks ago at the Walmart ….. I saw this lady and thought she was with child, so to speak…. then it happened…

I say “Oh bless you, dear, when’s your baby due?”

Y’all know what happened next, or maybe you don’t…. I hope you don’t speak first and think last like I do.

If you can stay quiet at times like this, it will save you a lot of grief and embarrassing moments, I promise…

But anyway, I was told in no uncertain terms she was not pregnant and she went off pushing that buggy so much faster than before, and I’m sure really….. really… really mad at me…..

Oh my…… opened mouth and inserted that foot clear to the thigh that time.….. What was I thinking???

And I wish I could tell you that’s the only time, but well it ain’t?

My granddaughter and I were at the Sonic drive-thru one Saturday afternoon, stopped to get some sweet tea of course…. us southern girls, love our sweet tea!

But when I got to the window, this young lady looked pregnant. I said, “oh look she’s expecting.”

My poor granddaughter, bless her heart……. she says……“Nana don’t you do it, don’t do it!!”

Well, I didn’t but would have had she not told me not to. I just can’t help myself… I love to see expectant moms, knowing there’s a new baby on the way… it’s a true blessing to have children!!!.

But thinking about it now, one of these days…. I’m gonna end up with spit in my sweet tea, or some not so nice words spoken to me…… but, well nowadays you just can’t tell sometimes!!!!!!

Those First Memories!!!

I have thought for the last few days, I need a place to tell my own stories. Here and there, you will find posts of such times… always titled…. Simply Me – ?????

Let’s begin….. shall we???

My first memory of Mama!!!!

I’ve been thinking a lot about my early memories as a child. A good place to start seems like…

The first memories I have are of my Mama…

Do any of you have an idea of what this picture is of?

Yes, I know…… you younger folks don’t have a clue what I’m talking about right now….

We have all kind of crazy gadgets and gizmos in today’s modern technological society….

But back in the 1960s…. this was a modern technology too…. at least for us country folks..

So what is this contraption, you may ask?

Well, it’s a ringer washer… and this is where the story begins…

I don’t think I could have been more than 2 years old since we lived in the “old house” and my brother wasn’t born yet….

I’m sure there are a lot of other things I did with Mama, during the day…

but these are my first memories with her…. wash day!!

I so remember helping Mama with the wash… and loved it!!!

My first memories of Mama are about washing the clothes…. Ain’t that weird???

But I used to love it when Mama did the laundry.

I would climb up in the chair and pull the socks out of the old wringer washer.

Thinking about it now… I’m sure I probably made her wash time longer……

but I so love that Mama loved me enough to let me help her….

Mama’s are just like that ….. ain’t they?

Anyway, back to the story…………..

I remember the excitement I would have back then when I would see them coming out of the ringer.

Yeah, I know some of you are probably thinking I’m nuts… that’s okay..

We all are to some degree….. it’s just a lot of people won’t admit it for anything…

But anyway those thoughts are for another day…..

For me, I really loved that old ringer washer…. and time with Mama…..

Silly I know, but I still smile when I think about it.

Mama and the old ringer washer……. wow!!!!

I’m smiling from ear to ear….. can you tell??

What was your first childhood memory……………

Does it make you smile??????

I so pray it does!


(Actually, this is the very first memory I have of him…. wow, never thought about that til now, when I was thinking about this part of my story to share.)

Do ya’ll remember the first toy you ever got?

Well, this is all about that time…..my first memory of my Daddy; and my first toy!!!

The very first toy I remember was a little doll, I was barely three.  Oh, I am sure I had many before this one…. but… this one was and still is so special!

You see Mama was expecting their next child, I was staying with my Aunt while she was at the hospital. The day came, for Mama to come home.

So, that morning, who walked in my Aunt’s house to get me……… DADDY!

He came to pick me up so I could go with him to get Mama and my new baby brother from the hospital.

And what did he have, but this beautiful little baby doll behind his back for me?

I thought she was so beautiful!

She even cried if you spanked her….. yes, I know…………your probably reading this with your jaw dropped right now…

Times have changed, but that’s the way t was then and still should be!

That’s a picture of what she looked like back then, not the actual picture.. but A Spank Me When I Cry Doll”

Yes, I know some of you are shuddering, at just the thought of spanking your child in today’s society

But back then.. times were a lot different…… you got in trouble, sassed your parents, were disrespectful, didn’t do what you were supposed to……. you got a spanking.

Spare the rod, spoil the child…

It’s a crying shame we still don’t live by that… I bet kids today would be a lot more respectful…

But anyway, got sidetracked… back to the story.

I think Daddy and Mama must have thought a baby doll for me, would make me feel like I had a baby to care for too, just like she did.

While she was caring for my brother, I could care for my baby…. maybe feel a little less left out.

Great plan on my parents part….. I think… don’t you?

I wish I could she’s still as beautiful as she was when I got her, but oh my….. that is so not true.

After years of playing with her… I can’t say she looks near that good now…..

But……. believe it or not, I still have her…. she is sitting on my keepsake shelf.

A little, well no actually, a whole lot worse for wear.

I have had her since November of 1968; and will forever!

But to me, she’s still so very special…….

And Daddy, why, of course….. every time I see that doll or remember it…

I smile….. because my Daddy gave it to me….. and he’s so very important and special too!!!!!

Til next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Abortion – The Murder of a Precious Life!


First thing I want to say, is that abortion is wrong, at any age, at any stage, for any reason!!!!

So many people feel there is nothing wrong with having an abortion.

I can’t even imagine how they can even start to feel this way.

How can a person think that? 

Why would a person think such a horrible wicked thing?

It’s going to tear your heart out, it did mine choosing real images of precious babies being killed in such horrible despicable evil ways.

But if you are NOT PRO-LIFE, and you think there is nothing wrong with these gruesome acts, I pray this touches your heart and changes you immediately.

A fetus is a baby, a helpless little baby, that has not harmed you in any way.

Your baby would bring you joys beyond measure if you would only think of this precious baby instead of your selfish life.




I hope those images are seared into your mind and heart forever if you think abortion is okay.   



I will never understand their reasoning of taking an innocent life in such a brutal way!!

A baby is a human being from the time of conception.

God planned this special unique baby to be conceived and born exactly to the woman that is pregnant for a wonderful purpose.

He knew this precious baby long before you ever even conceived this precious little one.

He knew how many hairs would be on their little head, whether it’s a boy or girl, and everything about this precious life. The color of their little eyes, everything.

God created this special baby for a purpose and knew all about the life He had planned for this precious life, this precious baby!

And then this cold-hearted selfish woman, decides I don’t want this baby and decides to have an abortion.


Why? How can you do such a hideous thing, how?

A precious little baby to hold in your arms, sing lullabies to and rock to sleep, and love with all your heart!

A precious child to watch grow up and be that sweet little boy that adores his Mommy, and comes walking in the kitchen with little dirty hands, where he had just picked a flower for the most important person in the world to him, his Mommy?

Or maybe your baby is a girl, a sweet adorable little girl that loves you beyond words, you two laugh and have fun playing with dolls and having tea parties, that sweet little girl that wants to be like her Mommy, dressing up and playing in your pretty shoes as all little girls do.

A precious boy or girl that you get the privilege of watching grow up, listening to people talk so affectionately of your child. “Oh she has your eyes,” or “Oh look he has your smile”.

A precious child of yours that gives you lots of hugs and holds your hand, and snuggles close and says, “I Love You, Mommy!”

A precious little child that says “Mommy will you read me a bedtime story?”

A sweet little girl that watches you in the kitchen and asks “Mommy can I help you make cookies?” Then you spend time showing your little girl how to make and frost cookies, with lots of laughs and giggles.

That darling little boy of yours that is outside playing and falls and scratches his knee, and who does he come running to?

His Mommy of course, because she loves him more than anybody else in this world, and she can make everything better.

You clean and bandage his little knee, and give him a hug and kiss and all is well in his little world again.

Then as they grow up, they come to you for advice, because your Mom and Moms have all the answers, for school questions, problems with friends, their first crush, and on and on.

When they graduate school and are ready to go to college or perhaps move out on their own because you have raised them well; and they are ready to be a wonderful adult like their Mom or Dad.

Or maybe its time to plan your daughters’ wedding, and oh the joy you both share planning for that special day when she gives her heart to a wonderful man, and you gain a son in law.

Or your son brings this sweet girl home, and you just think the world of her and they marry and you gain a wonderful daughter in law.

Or the greatest joy of all, one of your grown children comes to you and says “Mom, we have some wonderful news, you’re going to be a Grandma!”


None of that will happen, will it?

You will never know the joys, the tenderness, the love of that precious baby, will you?


Because you were selfish, your career means more, you don’t have time for a baby, or its the wrong time for a baby, your not ready, or you think you can’t take care of a baby, or a baby would interfere with your fun, your life that you are enjoying, or a million other EXCUSES…. YES, EXCUSES!!!!


A baby is never ever a problem. He or she is a wonderful little baby from the very second of conception. They can move and feel and hear and wiggle their little fingers and toes, even smile while you are carrying that precious life while awaiting their birth.

Do any of you realize that by the time you have missed your period, your baby’s circulatory system and heart are already forming? Their little heart will start to beat that week, a precious beautiful sound to hear.

By the next week, his or her ears, nose and facial features are visible and their brain is developing. Week seven your baby has doubled in size and their little hands and feet are starting to take shape.

By week ten, the nervous system is functioning, organs are formed, she is moving around and her or his little nails are starting to form.

By week twelve, your baby is almost fully formed, reflexes are in motion, hands opening and closing, little toes curling, even gets the hiccups from time to time.

Fast forward a bit, the four-month stage. Your precious baby is sucking her thumb, can sense light and will turn her little face away from your tummy if you get in bright light, and oh how your precious little baby is growing.

The five-month stage 20 weeks, she or he is moving a lot, flexing their little arms and legs, has their sensory organs in place, can swallow and is sucking his or her thumb and can hear his or her Mommy’s voice. You can read or sing and they listen, it’s their Mommy’s voice, their precious Mommy is singing to them!

By week 24, her lips and eyebrows are fully formed, she can hear more and more sounds and looks like a skinny version of that beautiful baby that’s going to call you Mommy one day.

By week 28, she is practicing her breathing in and out, her or his little hair is growing (is it brown, blonde, maybe red), and she can even blink now.

By week 32, your baby is growing by leaps and bounds, bones are getting stronger, lungs are breathing better and that little brain is getting smarter and smarter as you keep talking to him or her.

By week 36, your precious baby is really growing and finishing up her final stages of bone strength and its getting very crowded in there.

And then, at last, your beautiful adorable precious baby is born and placed in your arms, and as you look into his or her little tiny face, you can’t help but cry tears of joy for that precious life, your baby, that you are holding in your arms.


So instead of holding that beautiful baby in your arms, you chose to have your baby brutally dissected piece by piece, skull smashed and tossed away like yesterdays trash, or given a shot with salt or saline to end their life, or partially birthed and stabbed; and on and on with these torturous, senseless, horrible murderous deaths.

We wouldn’t treat an animal like that, yet we kill millions of babies every single day like it’s nothing.

People deliberately do these horrible despicable unspeakable things to a precious little innocent baby. No matter the method, you gave up one of the most precious gifts in this entire world and committed murder of an innocent precious life.

A precious baby that God gave just to you, trusted you with, to love and raise to the best of your ability showering them with love and affection, teaching him or her wonderful things, and protecting them as only a Mom or Dad can.

A precious, adorable living and breathing baby that would have one day looked into your eyes, hugged your neck, kissed you on the cheek, and said…. “I LOVE YOU, MOMMY, YOUR THE BEST MOMMY EVER!”

So ladies, please rethink your decision, because that life is precious. If for some reason you really truly can not raise your baby, take the best care of yourself as you possibly can while you’re pregnant, and then after he or she is born, place that precious baby for adoption.

Do you have any idea how many millions of women would love to have a baby to raise, a child to watch grow up, to love and take care of, and enjoy being a Mom to your precious baby?

Ladies please, please, let’s stop abortion, totally and completely.

One of the first really horrible decisions we made in the last century, is allowing abortion, it seems to have started our world into a downward spiral of more and more evil and less and less of God.

Life is so precious, please stop killing innocent babies, and love them instead!!!!

I promise the rewards of your child loving you is one of the most precious things in the world!!!!!

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