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A Blessing Board

How many of you have a blessing board?

Mine is actually on my desk, so I can see it everyday.

It’s a variety of sayings, scriptures, a song, poems, etc.

Things that I can look at and read during those stressful moments we all have daily.

I’ve had scriptures and poems and pictures all over my home since I was a teenager.

I remember the very first one I had was a wall plaque with the scripture.

Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6.

I hope you have a blessing board, and if not I pray you will consider starting one.

There’s no rhyme or reason to it; no right or wrong way.

It can be as simple as “God loves you” written on paper and simply placed somewhere, that you will see it often.

Then just add to it, as you find things that help you, that bring you hope.

May God bless each of you dearly, take care, my friends!!!

Til next time!!!

Helping Others

Do you know the joy of helping somebody else?

To me, there’s no greater gift that I can give another than to help.

I don’t mean just in monetary ways.

Just taking the time to do a kind gesture for a person.

Not because you have to, but because you want to.

You may be thinking, I can’t make ends meet now.

Helping others isn’t about money.

There are as many different ways to help somebody as there are crayon colors.

And Crayola makes some mighty big boxes of crayons, nowadays!

For instance, here are a few ways to help others:

Hold a door open for a person.

Get something off a high shelf for a shopper.

Put a persons shopping cart away for them.

Allow somebody with fewer items to go in front of you at checkout.

Share your umbrella with another in the rain.

Help carry somebodies shopping bags.

Send a card to a friend or family member just because.

Take time to listen when someone needs to talk.

Take a coworker a coffee one morning out of the blue.

Treat a friend to lunch.

Take food to a family that has lost a loved one.

Help a person rake leaves.

Help weed the flowerbed.

Volunteer to cut the grass.

Take time just to visit a neighbor.

Offer to babysit for a single parent, to give them some “me” time.

Stop and buy that box of girl scout cookies.

Give to the fireman, the Shriners, and other organizations, even if it’s just a dime.

Smile at everybody you see and say hello.

Visit a Senior Citizens home, and just sit and visit with one or two.

Volunteer at your Church for projects and tasks.

Shovel the snow from a driveway.

Offer a hug when someone is hurting.

Spend a few extra dollars at Christmas for a gift for a child, that won’t have anything.

Clean out your closet and donate to others that could use your clothes or shoes.

Donate those extra winter coats and gloves for others.

Drop off books to the jails or prisons.

Volunteer at a library, or hospital, or anywhere people are needed.

Volunteer to read stories to children at your local elementary school.

Just simply show kindness everywhere you go.

If you take the time to think about this,

You will come up with a lot more ideas.

And just imagine if we all just showed kindness and did one small gesture a day,

How much happier the people in this world would be.

The recipient will feel that someone cares, and you will feel a blessing in your heart.

So what are you waiting for?

Let’s all go help somebody, in some little way.

I promise you both will be blessed for it!!!

Til next time, dear friends!!!!

My Christmas Wish!

What is your wish for Christmas?

Christmas time is that one time of the year when most all children make their wish list for Santa, and answer the question asked by their parents and grandparents and others.   What would you like for Christmas? 

But what about all the adults in the world?  What do we as adults want and wish for this Christmas Season?

If I was asked that question, my list would be long, probably longer than a lot of the lists some children write. 

You see, I would wish for people to truly see and know the real meaning of Christmas, and understand it with all their hearts.   The gift from our Heavenly Father God, of his Son Jesus that was born to a virgin named Mary that was foretold to her by an Angel, sent from God Himself.  

How, when Joseph was troubled over Mary being with child;  an Angel came to him in a dream to tell him his betrothed is with Child by the Holy Ghost.  That she was still the virgin Mary, that he loved and was going to marry, and not to be ashamed because she was carrying the most precious baby of all time ever and ever, Jesus.

How before all this took place with Mary and Joseph an Angel came to Zechariah while he was in the temple burning incense and worshiping, and told him that his wife Elizabeth who was barren and up in years would have a child and that they should name him John.  Yet Zechariah doubted and he was struck mute before leaving the temple and could not tell the people outside the temple what had taken place inside.

How when Elizabeth,  who was in her sixth month of pregnancy, was visited by Mary who was her relative and as they greeted one another the baby Elizabeth was carrying, who was to be named John leaped in her womb, in the presence of the unborn baby Jesus, Mary was carrying.  How both the women shared the joys of their foretold pregnancies of John and Jesus.  Oh, how wonderful that visit must have been!  Can you just imagine the excitement the two women must have shared?

How there was a census for the first time ever, and each person had to travel to the homeland of their forefathers. So Joseph and Mary left their home in Nazareth and traveled to Josephs homeland which was Bethlehem since he was of the lineage of King David.  Can you imagine how many people were there in Bethlehem, just imagine if all your family gathered in one place at one time?  There would hardly be any room.  That is what happened with Mary and Joseph, there were so many people that there was no room for them in the inn.  

You know they were tired they had traveled a long way, Mary was pregnant and they needed a place to rest for her and her unborn baby who was coming ever so soon.  So they went to the stable, among the hay and the animals to rest and stay, since there was no other place for them in the little town of Bethlehem.  And that is where the most precious baby ever was born.  In a manger in a stable in the town of Bethlehem among the animals.  Don’t you just imagine that the animals too must have sensed it was a joyous event to be celebrated?

So joyous that God had a star shine so brightly over Bethlehem that shepherds living in the fields watching over the sheep saw it, and knew it was so special and came to worship the baby, Jesus.  How the three wise men knew of it and traveled a great way following the star as well to see the precious baby Jesus, bringing gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh?

That’s what my biggest wish for Christmas is!!!! 

That people would know the real reason we celebrate Christmas is because of Jesus, the Son of God, being born to a virgin named Mary and her betrothed Joseph, in a little manger in a stable in Bethlehem, under the bright and shining morning star, that led the shepherds and wise men to come and worship him bearing gifts.  

But you see, the most important gift, the real reason we share gifts, is because our Heavenly Father gave the people in this world, every person every generation from that day forth the greatest gift of all that first year of a census.  

He gave us the gift of His Son Jesus, as a baby, who grew and lived and taught and did many wonders and performed many miracles and was even baptized in the river Jordan by Elizabeth’s baby John, that leaped when Mary and Elizabeth greeted one another.

Jesus is the real reason for this season we call Christmas.  It’s not the toys and gifts and decorations and food and all the rest, its a celebration of thanks for the greatest gift ever given to man, the gift of God’s Holy Son, Jesus.

So as you celebrate Christmas where ever you may be, my prayer and wish is that you know, not just in your head, but in your heart, this most precious gift of all, Jesus, the Saviour and very best friend of all that truly know Him!!!!!

Oh, my other Christmas wishes on that long list I mentioned in the beginning, it’s quite simple.  

I wish for joy in peoples hearts, smiles on their faces, a kind word to a stranger, help for a person in need, peace, and goodwill to everybody.  Honest to goodness peace that can only be found from that most precious first gift of Christmas…. Jesus!!!

Merry Christmas to one and all, may God’s blessings and peace shine upon us and our families one and all!

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