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Fake it til you make it.

Don’t do it……..

I heard this phrase from a friend of mine recently; I must say she is quite the unique individual.

But, I’ve come to enjoy a moment here or there talking when I do see her; which is on a Starbucks run for a frappe, caramel, of course.

But anyway, she’s always smiling, asking people how they are, etc.

She seems happy, like a lot of us do.

But…. that one day, I sensed she wasn’t, and I was right.

That’s when she talked a few minutes and said this phrase.

“Fake it til you make it.”.

I pray often for her and many others, just as others do for me.

That’s what we do when you care about your friends, you pray for them.

But anyway…. getting side tracked here.

I’ve thought a lot about that phrase.

In some ways, I guess we all do that in our daily lives.

Simply pretending that everything is great, smiles on our faces, and crying inside.

I wonder how many people we meet in a days time, that are wearing those fake smiles.

My guess is a bunch.

Reminds me of the commercial about depression where she carries around her happy face plate, to hide the real her behind the mask.

What would happen if we all took off the masks?

None of us are perfect, not one of us, not even close.

Not one of us have that perfect dream life,

wonderful marriage,

great job,

perfect kids,

great health,

no problems at all.

Not one of us can honestly say, “oh, i have all that, and not one care at all.”

You might say it, but you would be telling a whopper of a lie!!!!

I don’t think there is a person alive today, that’s not stressed about something, not even the children of today; that is truly a heartbreaker.

So why do we try so hard to pretend our life is something that it ain’t?

Wishful thinking?





Praying it will be?

I think we do it because we don’t want people to think less of us, to find out that our life is just as stressed and messed up as the neighbors.

Really, who are we kidding?

Each of us knows our own troubles and woes, but we don’t want the world to know it.

So what do we do?

We plaster on our best smile, and act like we don’t have a care in the world.

You hear the common greeting, ” Hey, how are you?”.

Your answer, “I’m great, how about you?”

Their reply, “Wonderful, couldn’t be better.”

Do you see my point?

Both people, most likely, we will call it stretched the truth.

I’m not saying we’re to go around with our head held low, frown on our face, like we just lost our best friend, as the old saying goes.

But, I think, bear in mind this is just my opinion, if we were a bit more honest with folks, they may be as well.

You never know if something you’re going through may be something your friend is going through as well.

God works like that sometimes!!!

I think He does it so we can be a help to each other, pray for one another, lift each other up.

One strand breaks easily, two strands are stronger, but three are the best.

God, you and a loved one or friend, or prayer partner walking through a storm together.

God is always with us, ALWAYS! I’m so thankful, how about you?

His Word plainly says:

 Lo, I am with you always, even until the end of the world.   Matthew 28:20

So see we are never alone, or forsaken by God.

He loves each and every one of us way too much to ever leave us.

Yet sometimes, it is just really nice to have a person right there with you as you go through things.

So folks, let’s not mope around all gloomy; but don’t be so quick to wear that fake smile either.

You can fool the world most of the time, a friend sometimes, but you can never, ever fool yourself; and especially not God!!!

Till next time!!

Up & Down, Round & Round

The Famous Yo-Yo!!!

Up n down……round n round… it goes!!!

The yo-yo has been around, well, it seems like forever, actually it was invented by the Greeks around the year of 500 B.C. as a toy for the children coming of age.

Imagine that?

They bring hours of fun for anybody.

Up and down, up and down.

I never could quite get the hang of it, but oh well.

Some can even have them do tricks, like the rocking chair, and walk the dog.

I think that’s what it’s called.

Some could even swing them round n round in spinning circles.

Me, I might could get it to cooperate for maybe 5 or 6 times, if I was lucky.

I have just never been that coordinated.

Ask anybody that knows me.

BUT…. Believe it or not, this post is about more than a yo-yo.

I was wide awake last night and thought of this.

Don’t laugh, or on second thought go ahead.

After all, LAUGHTER is good for the SOUL!!

All of the above also describes us women.

Sound familiar?

Goodness, we were invented by our Lord and Savior on the sixth day, forever ago.

Our weight yo-yosup n down.

We as women tend to go round n round, constantly taking care of things.

We women, know how to laugh, have fun and carry on over the simplest of things sometimes.

And don’t you know we know how to use that rocking chair for our babies.

And walk our dog, as our companion.

After all, we can gripe to them about all our troubles and stresses.

Who and how are they going to tell anybody?

And, of course, let’s not forget that famous scale all us women hate.

We step on one day, weight is up, another day weight is down.

Good grief, what’s a woman to do?

By the way, ladies, lets just love ourselves the way we are!

After all, God did not make any junk, or mistakes!!!!!!!

We are absolutely beautiful in HIS eyes, don’t ever forget that!!!

Well, there’s my thoughts of insanity for today.

Take care dear friends, where ever you are!!!

Til next time!!!

True Godly Women

I’ve had the blessing through the years of knowing so many Godly women.

There are a few that really meant the world to me.

Pull up a chair, get comfy and let me tell you about these three amazing women that have touched my life in such a wonderful way, and of course, there are many others because of their faithful love for our Father God.  

The first dear sweet lady was Mrs. Bramlett, if you have read the blog ” Those ol Mom and Pop Places., you will know exactly who I am talking about. 

Mrs. Bramlett was simply a pure sweet God fearing lady.  She never had an unkind word about anything or anybody.   

She loved the Lord, loved people, and read the Bible daily.  I so loved her.

I worked at their little cafe for a bit, and in the afternoon when times slowed down we would have a glass of tea and Bible study time. I learned so much from her.

But, what really touched my heart was when Mr. Bramlett passed away, she stood there in the funeral home, and I never saw her shed a tear. They were a dear couple that was married for over 50 years, and she said: ” It was all okay, she knew he was with the Lord, and she had peace beyond measure knowing he was with God.”

She was indeed a very precious, kind, caring woman that always had a smile for everyone and God in the center of her world.

I so love and miss her!

The next dear lady that I want to tell you about was a precious soul that everybody called Mammaw Pearson. She was my first husbands Mammaw, but more importantly, she was a true saint.

She read her Bible always, knew it cover to cover, walked the walk and never ever had a bad thought about anybody. She was a dainty little soul, with a sheepish smile and such a soft voice. She taught me so very much about God’s word and loving others.

I can remember one of the many family get-togethers, and how everybody was invited, even those that were once married, they all were still family to her always.

But what I remember most about Mammaw Pearson was when the kids and I spent a few days with her while Pappaw was in the hospital. Mammaw would kneel down every night with us by the bed for bedtime prayers.

She was a joyful, sweet kind soul that everybody loved so dearly.

Oh, how I love and miss her.

The last lady I want to talk about was a dear sweet lady that I knew in the work world. She worked at the office across the street from mine. I would go over often for various work reasons.

A very precious soul that I called Ms. Janet worked there. She was a true sincere kind woman.

She always had a smile, and lunches with her were always so enjoyable. We would talk about our families, Church and the Bible.

She so loved God and lived it.  I never heard her say an unkind word about anybody.

Even later when she got cancer, I never once heard her complain. “It’s in Gods hands.”   Her faith and prayers, and the prayers of so many others helped her through tough times with cancer and treatments.

Cancer eventually won and she went home to be with the Lord.

But oh how I miss her and that smile she had every day, no matter what was going on in her life.

I loved and greatly respected Ms. Janet, she was a true Saint!

I feel I have been so very blessed in my life with Godly women throughout my life.

From Grandmas to neighbors, to Mammaw and my first Mother in law.

All the precious souls at Shiloh where I went for years to Cloverleaf where I go now.

All the precious women I’ve worked with through the years and befriended.

God has truly blessed me with Godly women, mentors, prayer partners and friends.

I am so very grateful to the Lord up above for placing each dear precious soul in my life.

My prayer is that I will be thought of as a Godly woman just as all of these precious women are and were and that someday I can be that same Godly soul touching other women’s hearts!

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