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Gastroparesis…… any idea what it is?

That’s okay, I didn’t have a clue either til a few years ago.   

Heres my story:

I decided to get braces and had to have jaw surgery during the process.  All of that was fine, but the second jaw surgery was a mistake.  It wasn’t a mistake that I had it, it was a mistake of the timing and the drugs prescribed for the pain afterward.  I knew that morning there was a very uneasy feeling even as I sat in the chair as the doctor came in, but I didn’t follow that uneasy feeling and stop and reschedule, and I have regretted it ever since.

Please don’t get me wrong, he’s a good doctor it wasn’t the surgery, it was the pills he prescribed for the pain after the surgery.  Even when we got to the pharmacy they were concerned, it just wasn’t prescribed much anymore.  Dilaudid, four times a day.  HUGE BIG MISTAKE!!!!

I basically stayed asleep for all seven days except when hubby would wake me up for protein and more medicine.  I guess the purpose of it was to keep me sedated while the worst part of the pain passed.  The medicine did its job but the cost of it was great.  I don’t mean the cash cost, the price I had to pay afterward, the damage it did to my body, the damage that can never be cured….. gastroparesis.

It took a lot of doctor visits, tests, specialists and finally a few trips to the Mayo Clinic in Florida to find out what was wrong.  I had every test there was for a gi problem, and let me tell you, some of them were anything but pleasant.  But at last, thanks to a very intelligent caring GI Specialist named Dr. Wang, I had an answer.  

There were even more tests, and the final one, radioactive nuclear testing.  It was an interesting and tiring and painful day at the Mayo Clinic that day.   At least I made a friend and she and I just spent the day together after eating radioactive eggs, and wondering the halls for hours and then keep returning for pictures every few hours, and for me the next three days.  We would just walk around with our hands on our stomachs like we were pregnant, at least it brought smiles from others instead of strange looks.

So what does it do to your life?  your body?  The answer is simple, it means your stomach is not working, paralyzed, dead nerve.  Things just don’t digest, and your entire gastro system is affected.   

Some people just have a mild case, that can still eat and enjoy life; others moderate that do okay at times, and other times painful flare-ups, and then there is the severe type.   That’s when life changes completely as you know it.  

Food the thing that is meant to keep your body healthy is basically a painful poison to your body’s gastro system.   You eat some type of food, any type of food and it just sits in there, for my body way too long;  causing nausea, indigestion, abdominal swelling, sometimes vomiting, among other things, and enough pain to make you want to scream.  

Does it go away in an hour or two, no try a few days later when your stomach is treated.  So what do I eat, you wonder?  I basically don’t.  It’s down now to where it is liquids the majority of the time.  Protein drinks, not the ones kids love today; its the ones like boost and ensure; and several of them a day, herbal teas, peppermint oil tea, and lots and lots of water.   

I used to hate this routine, it was a very low dark time for quite some time.  But after a few years I finally have a routine, doctor approved.  Proteins, and liquids (Coffee, tea, water) for six days a week.  I eat what I want on Saturday, deal with the pain, GERD, indigestion, nausea and bloating and immense pain til Wednesday morning.  And then I treat it with prescription medicine and proceed.  Each week of every month; every month of every year.

Do I rebel sometimes and eat on days other than Saturdays?  Yes.  And I regret it immediately, but sometimes the hunger just gets overwhelming, and at times you get to where you’re so weak you can’t go on, without a bite of solid food and tired, oh my, I’m always tired, always.   But each time, I eat like that I regret it horribly, even though I needed it, because of the pain, GERD, bloating, indigestion and on and on, it is unbearable.

What’s really hard, people being normal and eating with you in the same room, or Holidays, you want to eat at family gatherings, but you know if you do, it’s going to bring unavoidable consequences.  And I struggle with what to do, so do I just drink some tea, and avoid the food, and physically be okay; or give in to all the smells and eat and suffer for hours and days? 

It really is a horrible disease.  And the majority of people around you can not start to understand how you feel, physically, mentally or emotionally. It’s not a visible paralysis of a limb, a person cant see a paralyzed stomach so they just don’t and can’t understand.

This blog isn’t for any of you to say bless you, or have pity or anything else.  

I wrote this very personal story so that others can understand that pain pills can be very dangerous, even when prescribed by your doctor for just a short time.  Please, people, be careful, with what you take, and what you do.  And if you have this disease don’t give up, life is still worth living, yes there are changes to be made, but you can adapt to anything if you put your mind to it.

For those of you with a loved one that suffers from this, please try to be understanding and supportive.  It’s really hard to accept and deal with.  There is no cure, only learning what works for each individual and doing your best to take care of yourself.  So folks, please do all you can to help your loved one adapt to this new way of eating or not eating whatever the case may be, they need your support, love, and understanding. 

And for those of you with such symptoms, search and find a doctor that is knowledgeable and compassionate that can and will help you.

You can and will get used to this in time, and accept it for what it is.

You can and will get through this. 


Because your a strong-willed person and life is meant to be enjoyed, no matter what your circumstances.   

So live and enjoy this journey called life.

You are so worth it!!!!


Pain Pill Dangers

Pain, doctors, pills, side effects, often addiction, worse yet overdose, death.

We live in such a time of pain pill addictions.

It’s so very sad, that something that was made to help a person with true aches and pains, has turned into a major epidemic where people are pill addicts and overdose victims.

From a personal standpoint, I can tell you they are very dangerous.

In some cases, when taken for a very short period of time, per doctors orders; they can leave you with side effects, sometimes serious.

Side effects that you may be forced to live with from now on.

I tell you that from actual personal experience, I was prescribed Dilaudid three times a day, for seven days after jaw surgery.

I could not function, all I did was sleep except when hubby woke me up for a boost to drink and more medicine.

When I finally finished it, and I finally could stay awake, slowly got my brain out of a weeklong fog, got the limbs working again, I thought to myself ok, ” I survived the surgery and the hardest part of recovery.”

But would you like to know a secret?

My problems were just beginning!

My entire body woke up, except for my stomach and digestive system.

The Dilaudid had paralyzed my digestive system.

It took a few years, several doctors, test after test, trial medications, and finally several trips to the Mayo Clinic in Florida, and even more tests, bunches of them, till I finally got a definitive answer and diagnosis.

What was the diagnosis? 

Severe gastroparesis due to the Dilaudid prescription that was prescribed in 2012, some four years earlier. 

Prognosis, basically my body could not process food as my digestive system should.  Plan of care,  boost and ensure and such drinks, at least six per day, lots of water, Benefiber and peppermint herbal tea, no food.

For how long you wonder?  The rest of my life; all because of a week of strong pain pills.

I have finally started getting used to it, I stick to my medical plan of care, eat some real food on Saturdays only, and then suffer in ways you can’t imagine til Wednesday when I medically treat it.

Week in, week out, this month, next month, next year, for the rest of my life.

But it’s hard, everywhere you look there is food.   Restaurants, billboards, magazines, television, movies, family get-togethers, Holidays, cookouts, Church socials, even grocery shopping. 

All of it is a never-ending reminder of the agony of pain pills effects on my system. 

I try so hard to act like it doesn’t bother me when everybody else is eating, and I’m drinking a protein drink. 

But it does, oh how it does.

I am 53 years old, I was in my mid 40’s when all this started, ensure and boost is for seriously sick Seniors, not a woman in her fifties.

Truthfully the whole situation just stinks, all because of pain pills.

People, please listen to me. 

Pain pills are ever so dangerous, the side effects, the fact that your body gets immune to them, and the pain gets worse, so you go back for higher doses again and again.

I don’t want anybody to ever go through what I do, and it can be avoided by just staying away from pain pills.

Most all of us have aches and pains, but use a muscle rub, ice, heat, massage, icy hot, aspercreme, bio freeze, the lists are endless, anything but pain pills.

Folks, please don’t become another statistic, don’t get so hooked on them that you become an opioid addict.

You’re worth more than that!  Your loved ones, family and friends care and love you dearly!

I’ve known so many people that have gotten seriously ill and some actually died from opioids. 

Some I think were by accident, simply took too many, but some were planned and deliberate. 

Don’t do that to your family and friends, not today, not tomorrow, not ever.

I’ve seen loved ones hooked on pills, stressing because they need their next ‘fix”.   Going to great lengths and stupid stunts to get it.

You can not start to imagine how much your addiction hurts your family and friends who love you! 

LISTEN TO ME, if you’re sitting there thinking, “Oh you’re wrong, my family and or my friends do it with me, it’s cool, it’s what everybody does.” 

Listen and please listen good.  They are NOT your friends. 

True friends want the best for you, and pain pills are anything but the best for you.

They destroy your body, you can become addicted, and keep wanting more and more, till one day you possibly overdose, and maybe, just maybe, somebody will find you in time, to get you medical help, maybe. 

To visit you in a hospital is one thing, but to have to visit you in a cemetery is the worst thing ever.

You’re precious, you’re wanted and you’re loved by so many! 

Don’t destroy your life and the life of your friends and loved ones because of stupid pain pills!

Don’t cause your loved ones to have to visit you in the cemetery with so many unanswered questions, the biggest one. 


“Why did you do this?”

“Why didn’t you leave the pills alone?” 

“Why didn’t you care enough to stop what you were doing to yourself?”

“Why didn’t you come to us for help?”

“Why didn’t you love us enough to stop?”

“What do I tell our children when they ask why you had to die?”

“Why were you so selfish, that you didn’t care enough to leave the stupid pills alone?”

“Why did you leave me?”

“I love you, I need you, I so want you back here with me.”


Abortion – The Murder of a Precious Life!


First thing I want to say, is that abortion is wrong, at any age, at any stage, for any reason!!!!

So many people feel there is nothing wrong with having an abortion.

I can’t even imagine how they can even start to feel this way.

How can a person think that? 

Why would a person think such a horrible wicked thing?

It’s going to tear your heart out, it did mine choosing real images of precious babies being killed in such horrible despicable evil ways.

But if you are NOT PRO-LIFE, and you think there is nothing wrong with these gruesome acts, I pray this touches your heart and changes you immediately.

A fetus is a baby, a helpless little baby, that has not harmed you in any way.

Your baby would bring you joys beyond measure if you would only think of this precious baby instead of your selfish life.




I hope those images are seared into your mind and heart forever if you think abortion is okay.   



I will never understand their reasoning of taking an innocent life in such a brutal way!!

A baby is a human being from the time of conception.

God planned this special unique baby to be conceived and born exactly to the woman that is pregnant for a wonderful purpose.

He knew this precious baby long before you ever even conceived this precious little one.

He knew how many hairs would be on their little head, whether it’s a boy or girl, and everything about this precious life. The color of their little eyes, everything.

God created this special baby for a purpose and knew all about the life He had planned for this precious life, this precious baby!

And then this cold-hearted selfish woman, decides I don’t want this baby and decides to have an abortion.


Why? How can you do such a hideous thing, how?

A precious little baby to hold in your arms, sing lullabies to and rock to sleep, and love with all your heart!

A precious child to watch grow up and be that sweet little boy that adores his Mommy, and comes walking in the kitchen with little dirty hands, where he had just picked a flower for the most important person in the world to him, his Mommy?

Or maybe your baby is a girl, a sweet adorable little girl that loves you beyond words, you two laugh and have fun playing with dolls and having tea parties, that sweet little girl that wants to be like her Mommy, dressing up and playing in your pretty shoes as all little girls do.

A precious boy or girl that you get the privilege of watching grow up, listening to people talk so affectionately of your child. “Oh she has your eyes,” or “Oh look he has your smile”.

A precious child of yours that gives you lots of hugs and holds your hand, and snuggles close and says, “I Love You, Mommy!”

A precious little child that says “Mommy will you read me a bedtime story?”

A sweet little girl that watches you in the kitchen and asks “Mommy can I help you make cookies?” Then you spend time showing your little girl how to make and frost cookies, with lots of laughs and giggles.

That darling little boy of yours that is outside playing and falls and scratches his knee, and who does he come running to?

His Mommy of course, because she loves him more than anybody else in this world, and she can make everything better.

You clean and bandage his little knee, and give him a hug and kiss and all is well in his little world again.

Then as they grow up, they come to you for advice, because your Mom and Moms have all the answers, for school questions, problems with friends, their first crush, and on and on.

When they graduate school and are ready to go to college or perhaps move out on their own because you have raised them well; and they are ready to be a wonderful adult like their Mom or Dad.

Or maybe its time to plan your daughters’ wedding, and oh the joy you both share planning for that special day when she gives her heart to a wonderful man, and you gain a son in law.

Or your son brings this sweet girl home, and you just think the world of her and they marry and you gain a wonderful daughter in law.

Or the greatest joy of all, one of your grown children comes to you and says “Mom, we have some wonderful news, you’re going to be a Grandma!”


None of that will happen, will it?

You will never know the joys, the tenderness, the love of that precious baby, will you?


Because you were selfish, your career means more, you don’t have time for a baby, or its the wrong time for a baby, your not ready, or you think you can’t take care of a baby, or a baby would interfere with your fun, your life that you are enjoying, or a million other EXCUSES…. YES, EXCUSES!!!!


A baby is never ever a problem. He or she is a wonderful little baby from the very second of conception. They can move and feel and hear and wiggle their little fingers and toes, even smile while you are carrying that precious life while awaiting their birth.

Do any of you realize that by the time you have missed your period, your baby’s circulatory system and heart are already forming? Their little heart will start to beat that week, a precious beautiful sound to hear.

By the next week, his or her ears, nose and facial features are visible and their brain is developing. Week seven your baby has doubled in size and their little hands and feet are starting to take shape.

By week ten, the nervous system is functioning, organs are formed, she is moving around and her or his little nails are starting to form.

By week twelve, your baby is almost fully formed, reflexes are in motion, hands opening and closing, little toes curling, even gets the hiccups from time to time.

Fast forward a bit, the four-month stage. Your precious baby is sucking her thumb, can sense light and will turn her little face away from your tummy if you get in bright light, and oh how your precious little baby is growing.

The five-month stage 20 weeks, she or he is moving a lot, flexing their little arms and legs, has their sensory organs in place, can swallow and is sucking his or her thumb and can hear his or her Mommy’s voice. You can read or sing and they listen, it’s their Mommy’s voice, their precious Mommy is singing to them!

By week 24, her lips and eyebrows are fully formed, she can hear more and more sounds and looks like a skinny version of that beautiful baby that’s going to call you Mommy one day.

By week 28, she is practicing her breathing in and out, her or his little hair is growing (is it brown, blonde, maybe red), and she can even blink now.

By week 32, your baby is growing by leaps and bounds, bones are getting stronger, lungs are breathing better and that little brain is getting smarter and smarter as you keep talking to him or her.

By week 36, your precious baby is really growing and finishing up her final stages of bone strength and its getting very crowded in there.

And then, at last, your beautiful adorable precious baby is born and placed in your arms, and as you look into his or her little tiny face, you can’t help but cry tears of joy for that precious life, your baby, that you are holding in your arms.


So instead of holding that beautiful baby in your arms, you chose to have your baby brutally dissected piece by piece, skull smashed and tossed away like yesterdays trash, or given a shot with salt or saline to end their life, or partially birthed and stabbed; and on and on with these torturous, senseless, horrible murderous deaths.

We wouldn’t treat an animal like that, yet we kill millions of babies every single day like it’s nothing.

People deliberately do these horrible despicable unspeakable things to a precious little innocent baby. No matter the method, you gave up one of the most precious gifts in this entire world and committed murder of an innocent precious life.

A precious baby that God gave just to you, trusted you with, to love and raise to the best of your ability showering them with love and affection, teaching him or her wonderful things, and protecting them as only a Mom or Dad can.

A precious, adorable living and breathing baby that would have one day looked into your eyes, hugged your neck, kissed you on the cheek, and said…. “I LOVE YOU, MOMMY, YOUR THE BEST MOMMY EVER!”

So ladies, please rethink your decision, because that life is precious. If for some reason you really truly can not raise your baby, take the best care of yourself as you possibly can while you’re pregnant, and then after he or she is born, place that precious baby for adoption.

Do you have any idea how many millions of women would love to have a baby to raise, a child to watch grow up, to love and take care of, and enjoy being a Mom to your precious baby?

Ladies please, please, let’s stop abortion, totally and completely.

One of the first really horrible decisions we made in the last century, is allowing abortion, it seems to have started our world into a downward spiral of more and more evil and less and less of God.

Life is so precious, please stop killing innocent babies, and love them instead!!!!

I promise the rewards of your child loving you is one of the most precious things in the world!!!!!

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