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The Joys of Springtime

I so love the Spring season.

The Winter doldrums and gloom goes away, and Spring replaces it with warmer weather and sunshine.

People smile more, life seems a little happier, and it’s just a renewal of life.

That pitiful looking yard becomes pretty and green, the leaves and trees bud and bring forth beautiful lush leaves swaying in the wind.

And oh the flowers and shrubs, my favorite part,  the daffodils, tulips, daisies, forsythias, petunias and on and on.

Then you can’t forget those Boston ferns for the front porch, at least down South.

I buy four every year and hang them on the front porch waiting on the little birds to come and build their nests in them for yet another generation of sparrows and wrens.  

Oh, how I enjoy them.

I start taking pictures when the eggs are laid, and their new babies and even as they grow and start flying back and forth.

I even have the bird feeders hung nearby for them to come and fuss over the food.  That part is comical watching them.

It’s just a wonderful time of year.

And Spring cant be here without cookouts and picnics and families and friends getting together for some much needed time outside.

It’s almost Spring, I for one am so looking forward to it!

How about you?

Happy Spring!!!!

Till next time…


The Month of March

March at last!

I love the month of March!

There are fewer days of freezing weather, a few warm days, and the flowers and trees start budding.

That is my favorite part, the beauty of nature peeking through, showing that new life abounds.

The old dreary harsh part of winter is fading away, to be replaced with the beauty of crocus and daffodils popping up, among many other flowers and shrubs.

Yes, we still have some cold snaps to go through, maybe even a bit of snow, yet springtime is just around the corner.

God has allowed another spring to start and before you know it, everything will be in full bloom, the trees green, and the birds singing.

Baseball and softball will have their signups, people will be out in their yards, taking away winter and prepping for the beauty of Spring.

People will be uncovering that patio furniture and firing up the grill for some great food and fun.

The days are fixing to be longer, for that I am so very glad.

It means I will be able to go to Church on Sunday night and be home before dark.

I so can’t wait for Sunday evening to get here for that, been anticipating it for weeks!

Well yall, welcome to the month of March.

I hope you get out some and enjoy Gods beauty that  He so lovingly is preparing for us!

Til next time…..

Groundhog Day

Thoughts, oh my it’s like they never stop running through my mind,  like this one……………….

Groundhogs,  to me they are a cute fat creature that loves to come out from time to time, snag a bit of grass or such and the minute they think somebody is near, they literally waddle back to the brush, woods or their den for cover.

But I think they are so cute…  Yes, they have wreaked havoc to our yard in places, with all their tunnels.  We have lots of flowers, shrubs, and trees, so bless their hearts, and ours too…. 

Oh, but back to the groundhogs…..

We have two in our neighborhood, I call them both Chuck …. don’t ask me why that name…… It’s just what I thought of, the first time I saw one.

One lives down near our entrance into the subdivision in the tall grass and brush.  You can usually spot him in the evening.   I’ve actually turned in and saw him up in the distance and just sat there and watched him for a moment.  He’d just be eating away, but as you inch up a little way…. well….. that fat little thing will raise up tall, (well actually he’s anything but little) and he’ll take off waddling back to the brush.  

Then the other one lives out in the bushes near our backyard.  Sometimes, in the evening I can be in the kitchen and look out my window and there he will be;  just nibbling his little heart out. (Well, he ain’t exactly little either).  But he’s cute too. 

I mean look at that picture up there, how can you not think that is cute?  He’s sitting out in a field of clover, just where God meant for him to be.


But then….. there are the groundhogs we keep for Groundhog Day..

Have you ever stopped to think about how they must feel if they are the ones chosen to be the mascot if you will…..

I mean, God made them to live out in nature……. then somebody goes and gets this crazy idea to drag them out of a den every groundhog day to see if Spring is here…   Really??????

The face on that poor old groundhog being held up above looks anything but happy…. don’t you think?

Bless their hearts, they run at the sound of anything or anybody close in their own habitat. 

But after they see their shadow or not, us crazy folks, go and hold them up in the air for all the pictures……what with flashing cameras, lights, a crowd of people, noise and hoopla.

Those poor little, fat, cute, waddling groundhogs……

Bless their hearts…. 

Just saying.

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