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Imaginary Friends

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Have you ever wondered about a child’s imaginary friend? 

I have often.

You see to me, I just don’t believe it is simply a play friend of theirs.

I truly believe they are able to see and hear their imaginary friend.

No, I am not crazy or delusional.

I truly believe they are seeing their guardian angel that God has appointed to watch over them during their lifetime.

Why can’t the older kids and adults see them?

I think that is such a simple answer.

We don’t have that childlike faith and innocence any longer.

I think as we start to grow up we lose that innocence, childlike faith as we see more and more of the world. 

We crowd out the simpleness of our lives with television, learning sin and growing up.

Of course, all this is simply my opinion, but I truly believe its true.

I will give you some true examples.

After we lost a very special person in our family, one of the younger children in our family was able to see him in Spirit at times. 

Then one day he saw his picture and told his Mommy:  “I know that boy, I have seen him.”  

Honest to goodness, truly happened.

Another instance, a child and his family were driving down the highway and pulled over for a funeral procession. 

The young child asked:  “Mommy why is that little girl sitting on that box in that car waving at me?

I truly believe that baby, well little boy saw the little girl in that hearse waving and smiling.

I truly believe that children can see the heavenly world and angels that we simply just can not see.

Isn’t that simply amazing and awesome?!

Another group of people that I truly believe can see their imaginary friends and angels are the special needs children and adults of this world.  

I often think we mistake some people as crazy and talking to themselves when in reality they are talking with their angelic guardian.

Just like when we are approaching death, I believe we see our loved ones waiting to meet us that have already gone home.

True story.

I was staying with one of the most God-fearing women I had ever known when she needed somebody to be there with her, during a tough time in her life. 

She said one day: 

“Christine, don’t be frightened if you see a man sitting on the porch swing from time to time.  It’s my Daddy and he has come to watch over me during this time.”

The peace that constantly filled her home was so overwhelming at all times, the peace of God filled her home, her life and everybody that entered in. 

True peace!!

This dear beloved woman went home to be with the Lord just a couple of weeks later.  

Our family lost a precious soul that day, but Heaven gained a dear sweet precious angel.

Do I believe all three examples truly happened?  

Yes, I know for a fact all three happened, beyond a shadow of a doubt.

So when you see your child, or a special needs child or adult, or a loved one getting ready to go home… and they seem to be watching and talking with somebody we can’t see.

Simply smile and know that God is with them in the form of a guardian angel, or a family member sent just especially for them.

For as the Bible says, we each are appointed a guardian angel, and we entertain angels unaware.

Don’t you wish we all could see and talk with our angel like that? 

I sure do!!!!!!