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October 12, 2019


A Smile

by Christine

Have ya’ll ever stopped to think what a great impact a smile has on others?

I mean just look at that adorable little face and that cute smile, how the eyes shine.

A true honest to goodness….SMILE!!!

We all need to do a lot more smiling. It’s the one thing, that no matter what street, or community, or town, or continent you live in, we all have that in common.

We all have a smile!!!!

Yeah sure… some people have beautiful straight white teeth, some not so much, some missing a few, or a glimpse of silver caps in there, some no teeth at all..     


A smile makes your whole face light up when it’s real….

A smile says hello, or howdy, in any and every other language without saying a word.

See, it’s universal!!! 

It doesn’t matter if you’re brown, white, black, pink, purple or covered in poke-a-dots….

If you’re from Asia, Europe, Russia, America,  Egypt or South America, or wherever you may be….. 

A smile still speaks volumes.

So when you meet people, give em a smile.

A real honest to goodness…. eye twinkling…. feels good all the way to your toes smile.

I bet they’ll smile right back at ya…. and if they don’t, well bless their heart….  you gave them a smile anyway.

Oh, and if there ain’t nobody around, well just go find your mirror,

stand in front of it,

close your eyes…..

then just open them up with a great big beautiful smile on, and say…..



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  1. Aug 24 2018

    nice one



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