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My Favorite Quotes and Why!!

These are some of my favorite sayings, that I use often and the story behind them!!! 

I hope you enjoy them and hopefully one will touch your heart, and you will use it too!!!!

Every little thing is gonna be alright!!!!!!!!!                                

This first one I heard from a lady at the department of transportation office one day while working and on the phone with her.   She helped me and then, of course, we just started talking.

Ms. Naomi told me about how she had four generations in her home that she cared for… her daughter, her grandson, her Father and herself. 

She talked about how hard and tiring it was at times

This is the saying she started using on those hard days…. and she shared it with me. 

I suppose she just needed somebody to talk with, and God just intervened and put us both on the line together.                               

But she told me this phrase, and it has stuck with me, even after several years. 

Little did I know, that I too would need that saying myself when health issues arrived.           

I say it to myself almost daily…. sometimes several times a day!!                                    

Every little thing is gonna be alright!                  

 I can do anything for eight hours; I don’t have to do every minute of my life!!!

This saying I came up with myself,  on one of those work days when nothing was going right. 

I’m sure you have had days like that as well!

I was so ready to just walk out that day, and never look back….

I bet you know what I’m talking about.

I think we all have days like that. 

Well, this day was that for me….. 

And as I sat there convincing myself, that I was too responsible to walk out…..

I came up with this one.   

I say it to myself often as well….

You know, those days when work just ain’t all that grand. 

It reminds me that it’s just a few hours out of my day, and I can do this. 

Yes, it really helps, well… it does me anyway!!

I can do anything for eight hours I don’t have to do every minute of my life!!! 

What don’t kill you will make you stronger!!!!

I’m sure a lot of you remember the horrible tornadoes that ripped through part of America in April of 2011. 

It was a very scary time.  A day and night that I pray we never go through again.

The tornadoes hit our area, our subdivision, damaging several of our homes here, taking some just completely away, and changing our little neighborhood ever so quickly……

It was a really sickening, trying, weary time in our lives.   

A day that I think, probably changed all of us one way or another.

When we started the cleanup and repairs, I kept telling myself…. we were not injured, and homes and the things in them can be repaired or replaced.

I finally started just saying this quote to myself..… 

And it is so very true and can be applied to so many circumstances in our daily lives for anybody.

It helps me to keep things in my own life in perspective.

What don’t kill you, will make you stronger!!!!                          

Learn to love yourself, because no matter where you go…. there YOU are! 

This one I thought of during a recent really low point in my life. 

I was battling the shock and frustration of some health issues that I now deal with. 

I had one of those times where, well, it all just did not seem to matter anymore.

I went so far as to pack a bag, I was going to just run away from it all

I threw bags in the car, pulled out, drove awhile. 

And then it occurred to me. 

I was running away from the stress of the health issues I was having. 

Which meant I could not get away from the problems, no matter where I went. 

That was a huge shocker for me. 

I was trying to run away from ME!!!!

So, after that realization hit, I turned around and came home. 

Then I tried to learn to accept the issue for what it is……

to just simply love myself…… the good and the bad…

So remember……………….

Learn to love yourself…… because no matter where you go, there YOU are!!!!!

I hope you have enjoyed these……

Feel free to say them as often as you need to as well.

Thank you for taking the time to read them!!!!!!  

til next time:)

Those First Memories!!!

I have thought for the last few days, I need a place to tell my own stories. Here and there, you will find posts of such times… always titled…. Simply Me – ?????

Let’s begin….. shall we???

My first memory of Mama!!!!

I’ve been thinking a lot about my early memories as a child. A good place to start seems like…

The first memories I have are of my Mama…

Do any of you have an idea of what this picture is of?

Yes, I know…… you younger folks don’t have a clue what I’m talking about right now….

We have all kind of crazy gadgets and gizmos in today’s modern technological society….

But back in the 1960s…. this was a modern technology too…. at least for us country folks..

So what is this contraption, you may ask?

Well, it’s a ringer washer… and this is where the story begins…

I don’t think I could have been more than 2 years old since we lived in the “old house” and my brother wasn’t born yet….

I’m sure there are a lot of other things I did with Mama, during the day…

but these are my first memories with her…. wash day!!

I so remember helping Mama with the wash… and loved it!!!

My first memories of Mama are about washing the clothes…. Ain’t that weird???

But I used to love it when Mama did the laundry.

I would climb up in the chair and pull the socks out of the old wringer washer.

Thinking about it now… I’m sure I probably made her wash time longer……

but I so love that Mama loved me enough to let me help her….

Mama’s are just like that ….. ain’t they?

Anyway, back to the story…………..

I remember the excitement I would have back then when I would see them coming out of the ringer.

Yeah, I know some of you are probably thinking I’m nuts… that’s okay..

We all are to some degree….. it’s just a lot of people won’t admit it for anything…

But anyway those thoughts are for another day…..

For me, I really loved that old ringer washer…. and time with Mama…..

Silly I know, but I still smile when I think about it.

Mama and the old ringer washer……. wow!!!!

I’m smiling from ear to ear….. can you tell??

What was your first childhood memory……………

Does it make you smile??????

I so pray it does!


(Actually, this is the very first memory I have of him…. wow, never thought about that til now, when I was thinking about this part of my story to share.)

Do ya’ll remember the first toy you ever got?

Well, this is all about that time…..my first memory of my Daddy; and my first toy!!!

The very first toy I remember was a little doll, I was barely three.  Oh, I am sure I had many before this one…. but… this one was and still is so special!

You see Mama was expecting their next child, I was staying with my Aunt while she was at the hospital. The day came, for Mama to come home.

So, that morning, who walked in my Aunt’s house to get me……… DADDY!

He came to pick me up so I could go with him to get Mama and my new baby brother from the hospital.

And what did he have, but this beautiful little baby doll behind his back for me?

I thought she was so beautiful!

She even cried if you spanked her….. yes, I know…………your probably reading this with your jaw dropped right now…

Times have changed, but that’s the way t was then and still should be!

That’s a picture of what she looked like back then, not the actual picture.. but A Spank Me When I Cry Doll”

Yes, I know some of you are shuddering, at just the thought of spanking your child in today’s society

But back then.. times were a lot different…… you got in trouble, sassed your parents, were disrespectful, didn’t do what you were supposed to……. you got a spanking.

Spare the rod, spoil the child…

It’s a crying shame we still don’t live by that… I bet kids today would be a lot more respectful…

But anyway, got sidetracked… back to the story.

I think Daddy and Mama must have thought a baby doll for me, would make me feel like I had a baby to care for too, just like she did.

While she was caring for my brother, I could care for my baby…. maybe feel a little less left out.

Great plan on my parents part….. I think… don’t you?

I wish I could she’s still as beautiful as she was when I got her, but oh my….. that is so not true.

After years of playing with her… I can’t say she looks near that good now…..

But……. believe it or not, I still have her…. she is sitting on my keepsake shelf.

A little, well no actually, a whole lot worse for wear.

I have had her since November of 1968; and will forever!

But to me, she’s still so very special…….

And Daddy, why, of course….. every time I see that doll or remember it…

I smile….. because my Daddy gave it to me….. and he’s so very important and special too!!!!!

Til next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s Been a While!


Yoohoo, where are you? 

 Have you wondered that about me? 

It’s ok, I have wondered that about myself the last few weeks.

I’ve sort of been lost in the fog as the above picture shows.

There’s been a lot of medical stuff going on, and well, to be honest, I just haven’t felt well. 

So, unfortunately, a lot of things went to the back burner, so to speak, and blogging was one of the last things on my mind.  

But, truthfully, I have come to realize that blogging helps me in so very many ways. 

I am able to just sit and give it a moment and the words just start flying through my brain so easily.

So, I thought today is the day to sit back down and blog my little heart out.

I’m sorry I have been silent for so long. 

I hope each and every one of you all had a very Blessed Thanksgiving, with lots of family, food, and friends.

Hopefully, most of you are getting ready for the joyous season of Christmas.  My most favorite Holiday of the year.

My apologies again for being silent so long, thought of you all often; hopefully now that medical is improving a little bit I can get back to blogging and enjoying things again.

Til next time!!

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