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October 12, 2019


by Christine


Faith…. I couldn’t imagine my life without God or the Faith I have because of Him and in Him and His Word!!!

I want to say first and foremost, that I don’t believe you have to be a member of a particular type of Church to go to Heaven, not at all. At least, I don’t think so… it’s not the Church that saves you, it’s faith in God that saves you!!!

I believe that we all are created by the Lord God Almighty, that we all are the same, no matter race, gender or where we are born. I believe we are all simply alike, and God’s children. I believe that it’s nothing less than believing in God, our Creator, who loved us so very much, that saves us!!!

He loved us so much that He sent His Son, Jesus! Who came to walk the earth, be like us, hurt like us, and to teach us all about God’s love. God loved us so much that His Son, Jesus, stood up for us all, on our behalf. Jesus suffered a horrible, unimaginable, painful punishment that He did not deserve ever; He was crucified on the cross, totally innocent…. just for you and me!! I can’t imagine that kind of love. I could not even consider giving my child’s life for someone else, I just couldn’t. Yet God did!!!! He loves us that much!!!!

But then…… on that third day…. that wonderful, glorious third day…. HE AROSE!!!!! He battled death and won…. for each of us… for ALL of us. I’m so glad, beyond words, that God loves us so!! We certainly don’t deserve it, yet He does!!!

Why am I so very glad? Because of His ultimate, eternal love for us, we can have life eternal with Him in Heaven. When we do believe in Him, follow Him, we receive that gift of eternal life; that can only be obtained through that faith we have in Him, through Jesus!!!

So please, as you read this page, please remember this is what I believe…. and we each are the same, yet different in our thoughts and beliefs….. but we all are still individuals….. and God’s children!

I grew up in the Church of Christ…….. a few times I visited a Baptist Church as a child with my grandparents. But my parents and a lot of the family went to a Church of Christ. I have actually visited many different types of Churches and denominations, if you will, in my adult life. Have I always been in Church? No, regretfully I have not. But anyway, to me that is neither here nor there. What is so important to me, that I can still remember so vividly, is the last week of the year in 1976, as if it was yesterday.

I was 11, and all that week I felt this inner turmoil down deep inside; it was like a gentle nudging that I just didn’t fully understand. I remember one evening that week, Mom and I were washing the supper dishes. I said, “Mom, there’s this odd feeling inside, just well, like a nudging of some sort; but I don’t understand it.” We talked and she said, “It’s the Lord dealing with my heart.”

That brought me a sense of peace, and then I knew God was knocking on the door of my heart. It was then up to me………….. ignore Him and the feeling He was sharing with my soul, or answer and give Him my heart, my soul, my everything.

I remember that next Sunday morning at Church, I so struggled during the invitation song. But did I step forward at that time? No, regrettably I did not! I was so miserable that afternoon…. God was knocking and I did not answer Him….

So that evening I knew I was going to give my heart to God, accept His gift of salvation. I could not wait for the invitation. The Church sang…. Softly and Tenderly... still one of my absolute favorite Gospel songs. I was down that aisle ever so quickly, the devil could not have stopped me. I so could not wait to confess my belief in Jesus, right my wrongs and be baptized, washing those sins away.

Oh, the peace and joy that I had right then and there. It’s a peace that I can not start to explain. It’s a peace that I pray you have experienced yourself.. or will very very soon. I knew God was with me… I knew I was not only his child that He created, but now I was also His daughter.

I wish I could tell you that I have always felt that sense of peace and joy, but I can’t honestly say that. You see, I believe that I will always be God’s daughter, always. But when you walk away from Him and act like He doesn’t matter; well, point blank…. you’re going to lose that peace, instead, you’re going to feel conviction until…….. you go back and make things right with Him… and I’m sooooooo very glad that I did!!!

I opened the door to my heart to Jesus over 40 years ago… But there were times, that I have NOT acted like He expects and wants me to, you couldn’t see Jesus in my life. Did I still believe in Him during those times? Yes, of course… but I sure didn’t act like I did!

I thought I could walk alone, make my own decisions and choices. Was I a horrible person? No, but I wasn’t living like He meant everything to me either. What did I discover then? That I was just as miserable as I was in the beginning when I knew God was calling, and I refused Him on that Sunday… I had lost my peace and joy!!

Did it last forever... NO…. Why? Because I went back to the Lord, where I left Him. I don’t think God ever leaves us, ever!!! But He gives us that choice of our own free will; which sadly we all sometimes seem to take advantage of and then later regret. But I do know when you go back to Him, He will welcome you with arms open wide to hug you, and tell you that “He loves you and welcome home.”

I do my best to walk with God and be a witness and light for Him. Do I mess up? Of course daily, sometimes several times in the day. But I know I serve a Lord and Father who loves me and forgives me when I’m truly sorry and I ask His forgiveness, He loves me that much. He loves you that much!!!!!

So won’t you please consider giving your heart to Him? Not because I ask you to, but because you feel led, and you sincerely want to. It does not matter, where you are, what you have done, the habits you may have, or what others may think.. God does NOT say straighten up and then come to me. Goodness, no… God says to simply come as you are, broken, hurting, whatever your sins and burdens may be, simply come to Him…

It’s so very easy, He made it that way just for us.

Consider calling out His name……simply bow your head, or kneel or whatever feels most comfortable for you, and then just talk to God, pray…… “Lord, it’s me, I so need You, I can’t do this on my own anymore. Please forgive me, I believe in You, I confess that You alone are God, and I need you, Lord,….. please come into my heart” It does not have to be those words…. if you are truly sincere about asking God into your heart, you will find your own words to say to Him.

Get a Bible, read His word, talk to others, ask all the questions that you want, learn all about God. I promise you will never stop learning of Him, and find a group of people to be with. People that will share your love for God, that will share your hurts, your thoughts, your joy and peace, your laughter, your belief. You all will be able to learn from one another and rejoice in doing so. Tell others about your Lord, live a life so they can see a difference, a new joy; and want what you have… and then share where it comes from…

God can and will be your very best friend, always there, waiting, listening, nudging you along life’s way.. eager for you to talk and walk with Him. He will never leave you, never forsake you; but will always, always be there to guide you, and help you find your way along this journey of life.

Thank you for taking the time to let me share my journey with you. God is always there, my very best friend, that I talk with constantly. I couldn’t start to imagine a moment of my life without Him!!!

God bless each and every one of us always!!!

Thank you Lord!!!!!

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