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Hi ya’ll….

I simply want to say… a Great Big Thank You!!!!!!

Thank you for taking the time to drop in and take a look.

I hope you find something somewhere in this site that brightens your day, or at least brings a smile!

My goal and desire is to simply just bring a bit of sunshine to each of you; if only for a few moments.

Please feel free to leave comments, follow along and share the ones you love with others, or even print it if you want….

it’s all simply there to make your day a little better.

Thank you again for dropping in!!

I hope you come back again really soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mental Health

I’m fine!

How many times have people said that, when it couldn’t be further from the truth?

So many people in this world, put on a happy face, when they feel like they are dying inside.

It’s okay to be honest!!

Nobody is happy all the time.

We feel bad…

We hurt…

We grieve…

Were sad…

Were angry…



Sometimes, sadly even suicidal….

EVERYBODY deals with some form of a mental issue at some point in their lives…

Truthfully, we do..

Many may not admit it…

But we all do…

I’m so thankful, mental illness isn’t treated as taboo anymore.

People need to get help sometimes…

Pastor, Counselor, Psychologist, Psychiatrist…..

They are there to help!!!

Goodness, I have seen all types, not ashamed to tell you that!

Sometimes, things happens, life happens.

Low self esteem..



Eating disorders….

Personality disorders…


Bipolar Syndrome

The lists can go on and on…

Help is available….

Reach out…

Speak up….

Get help….

You will be so glad you did!!!!

Your special!!

Your loved!!

Your valuable!!!

Your life is worth living!!!


Reach out…..

and live!!!!

You will be so glad you did!!

Your worth it!!!!