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Saint Patricks Day

Saint Patrick’s Day, so many people celebrate this day, wear green, have parades, and well use it as a day to drink and party, and celebrate in so many different secular ways.

But do you know that actually, it was a day to honor a man named Patricus, who was later deemed St. Patrick?

He was a missionary and Bishop that was responsible for leading the people of Ireland to Christianity.

But before that happened, he was captured at 16 years of age, and taken to Ireland as a slave, and was a keeper of animals.

For six years he was held captive there, finally escaped back to his home country, which is believed to be Roman Britain.

He went on to become a missionary and Bishop in the 5th century, and then he went back to Ireland in 432 to lead the people to Christianity.

It is said that he used the green clover as a way of explaining the trinity of God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

He was also responsible for the building of Monasteries, Churches, and schools during this time.

He passed away on March 17, 461. Hence the reason St. Patricks day is always celebrated on that day.

Originally, Saint Patrick’s Day was a celebration of the Roman Catholic feast day honoring the patron Saint who brought Christianity to the Irish countryside.

However, later it became just another secular holiday, celebrated by people and kids most everywhere.

It was largely the immigrants of Ireland coming to America that started the secular celebration with parades and celebrations, even to the point of coloring some of the rivers and fountains across America green.

The first parade and celebration were held in Boston in 1737, then New York started the parades in 1762, and Chicago really jumped on board in 1962 by coloring their river green every year since.

So we celebrate St. Patricks day with the wearing of the green, and clovers, drinking, parties, and parades.

Growing up in my school days I remember all the kids pinching you on this day if you didn’t have on green, and if that wasn’t mean enough they would pinch you the next day if you wore green.

I never knew how that mean act of pinching got started, it certainly doesn’t go along with the celebration of a Saint leading people to Christianity.

But anyway, Saint Patricks Day will be here soon, so as it approaches and people make plans, take the time to remember the real reason for this Holiday.

Till next time….