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August 8, 2018

Labor Day

by Christine


I absolutely love the Holidays, some more than others, but this one I find funny in so many ways… 

 Labor Day is coming up so soon ya’ll…..

Don’t you think that’s an odd name for it?  I mean, most of the businesses and offices are closed for it. 


Because we have an official day to celebrate that we work for a living, and were rewarded with a national day off. 

In a way, I find that funny, the name I mean… We call it Labor Day, but we get the day off.

But for most of us, we tend to think of it as the unofficial end of summer

A day for fun…..  a time for family outings, picnics, and cookouts…

So take advantage of these last summer days..

Yes, it’s muggy, humid, unexpected afternoon showers, and oh sooooo hot out…..

But it’s also great times for enjoying that swing with a good book (yes I said book… a real honest to goodness book with pages, no electronics involved)

A night out under the stars…

and of course, some watermelon and peaches…..

and if you’re southern like I am a glass of sweet iced tea.

So enjoy the last few weeks of summer, because before you know it…

We will be griping about winter.

So wishing ya’ll a Happy Labor Day!!!!

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