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Halloween, my absolute least favorite Holiday of all. I just simply don’t care for it. Have I always felt this way? Well my goodness no, but oh how it has changed since my kids were little.

Question? Are any of you old enough to remember Halloween back in the 70s? Back when I was a kid it was a lot of fun. The neighbors and community all turned on those porch lights and had candy and goodies galore for all us kids. Why we all would have a great time. You simply knew everybody in the entire neighborhood, everybody took part and it was just a lot of fun.

Costumes were not like today at all. They were the cartoon characters of that time, like Casper, Barbie, Superman, a Princess and so on. It was safe, there was no threat of needles or pins or poisons in the candy. Those were the good days, I miss those times a bunch. I would imagine a lot of you reading this do as well.

Mischief, my goodness, I don’t remember any at all taking place when I was a kid. It just didn’t happen; not in our neck of the woods anyway.

Fast forward to the 80s, times began to change. That’s when my kids were little and I used to take them trick or treating. Why we would go everywhere in our little neighborhood. We still lived in my childhood community. So you guessed it, everybody still treated, it was safe, no worries of bad things in our kids treats, and pranks, the only one I remember during that time, was some of the teens rolling yards. Those were still great times had by all.

But in today’s world, Halloween sure has changed! The majority of the people today don’t even turn on lights anymore and treat. I think that is sad, but I do understand; I don’t either.

There are just too many people that go for the evil things of today. I guess a lot of that is because of television, movies, and games of today. But this old fashioned woman sure doesn’t like any of it. But to each his own as the saying goes.

I do however think its great that the Churches do the fall festivals for kids today, and then there are the block parties and such. But I think the kids of today really missed out on some good old fashioned trick or treating of the days gone by.

So, from my home to yours I want to wish all of you a safe and Happy Halloween!

Autumn Days

Autumn days, don’t you just love them?

I sure do, Autumn is one of my two favorite seasons. Spring, of course, is the other one, but that’s for a blog a few months from now.

But Autumn, and the beauty it brings, oh my how I love it!

One of my favorite things about autumn is the trees. God has a way of just painting the leaves such brilliant colors of red, orange and yellow. I know sometimes they are not as pretty as some seasons, but they all are still beautiful to me.

And don’t you just love when the leaves start to fall? When you walk through them and hear the rustling of all those leaves. And the scent that they bring.   Oh, I so love that.

Or maybe when the kids gather to rake them in huge piles, just to run and jump in them over and over again. When my kids were young, we had two huge old maple trees in the front yard which made for some wonderful leaf jumping times for them. We would rake them up, they would then run and jump and roll and laugh and have a good old time. In time they would be scattered. So what would we do? Why just rake them back up all over again, and repeat. Those were some really fun wonderful times. Goodness, how fast time passes.

Even today, the grandkids enjoy doing the same thing. We have a hill in our yard and a maple tree near the bottom. We all get out rake them up, and here they come; running down the hill for speed and jump right in the middle of them laughing; or sometimes just rolling down into them, even a few times running, then sliding into them as if your stealing home base. I so love the fun that autumn brings to children, and the beauty it brings to all.

Another thing I love about fall is the beautiful deep blue sky. Usually towards the end of October as the thermometer starts dipping to cooler days and nights; the sky will appear such a beautiful blue, and it looks as if you can see forever, all the way to the Heavens. I love days like that. And if the trees have become full of beautiful foliage, it is well just absolutely picturesque.

Then there’s the bonfires, hot chocolate, football games, sitting on the porch with an afghan on those chilly evenings. The fall festivals, apple orchard visits, corn mazes, hay rides, the yard filled with decorations of mums, hay bales and pumpkins. Wonderful times had by all, well unless you’re just a miserable person that doesn’t enjoy anything. I know a few people like that. All I can say about them is well, “bless them,” they don’t know what they’re missing.

Autumn really is a wonderful season, full of chilly days, cooler nights, and laughter and beauty beyond measure.

I so hope you get out and enjoy it, with family and friends, and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Happy Fall Y’all…………………….

Sunday Dinner

A good old-fashioned family Sunday dinner? 

Does anybody ever do such a thing anymore?  I can honestly say I haven’t really taken part in such a wonderful time in over 20 years. 

Aint that a shame?  

When I was in my first marriage, it was so important to my husbands’ Grandmother that family gathered after Church at their house for Sunday dinner.  It wasn’t every week, but usually at least every few Sundays. 

I still remember those times, like they were yesterday.

I hope you have fond memories of such times too.  You know, where all the women get up and fix something in the morning, then after Church most of the family gathers at Mammaws’ house.     Pappaw and his sons and grandsons built it themselves, for him and Mammaw.   It was just a simple small cabin and way too small for such a large family.

But did it stop us all from gathering?  Goodness no, they had a screened in front porch, and we all would just gather in the house, or outside on the porch, or even standing out in the yard just talking, laughing and eating Sunday dinner.

All the kids used to love those times.  It was a chance for them to see their cousins and have a great time together out in the yard playing, while us women would get everything warmed and ready to eat. 

Then afterward all us women would tidy up, cover things on the table in case anybody else might show up, or somebody might want another bite of that great meal later.

Then the men would gather on the porch, and us women set down in the living room; all for some good conversations and laughter.  Oh my, I smile now just thinking of all those wonderful times.

Those certainly were the days!  I so hope and pray you know what I’m talking about, that you have such wonderful memories as those for your own families.

Nowadays, we seem to go to Church and gather at one of the hundreds of restaurants to eat together.  I know, we do it that way all the time too.  Well except, for Holidays.  But it always just seems too crowded and noisy and usually, you rush through dinner and then just go your separate ways, til next time.

But not today, after last weeks dinner out, my daughter and I have decided to have a good old family dinner at home.  So I got up early, set the table with the actual dishes, not paper plates yall;  and then I proceeded to start cooking.  My daughter is at home getting her family ready for Church and doing the same.

Then after Church, we’re gonna gather here at the house, the guys talk about Nascar, the kids play and us two women, get everything out of the oven and on the table for a wonderful old-fashioned family dinner.

I’m so looking forward to it. Smiling now as I think about it.  Yes, it’s more work and clean up after, but it’s also a relaxing quiet time of family sitting at the table, saying grace and enjoying a Sunday dinner, as it should be; like it used to be.

I hope you consider it for your own family someday soon.  It will make memories that will last a lifetime.  If you don’t have family nearby, remember what I said in the Family blog.  A family isn’t necessarily blood relatives.  A family is anybody you spend time with that you care for.  Whether that’s blood family, friends, co-workers, senior community, anybody, goodness, invite the widows and single parents in your community.  Just consider a good old fashioned family dinner sometime soon. 

I bet you will love it and smile about it with fond memories later.

Happy eating, til next time!


Have you ever wondered about time and how it just seems to slip by so very fast?  It seems like it was just yesterday that it was Spring and here we are in the middle of October already.

Goodness, it passes so fast!

Life and time are so very precious, and yet we just seem to take it all for granted. As you travel along a highway it seems that everybody is always in such a huge rush.

We all complain that time passes so fast, yet in reality, it doesn’t pass any faster than it did 50 years ago, or even 500 years ago.  There is still the same 24 hours in a day, and still 60 minutes in every hour.

It’s not that time really passes too fast, it’s just that we all are so busy and fast-paced that we just don’t slow down and enjoy it.   We get up, go to work, go home, activities, sports, chores,  dinner, showers and off to bed; just to do it all over again the next day, and the next.

We simply just don’t slow down and stop to enjoy it!

If we all would just slow down and savor the moments, we would find out it’s all still there, every minute of every hour, and every hour of every day.  But instead, what do we do?

We wish it away!   Weekday mornings, “I can’t wait till quitting time.”   By midweek, ” I can’t wait till the weekend.”  And on and on that merry go round goes.

God did not mean for us to live like this.  Yes, we are to work and provide and have daily things to do; but I don’t think we are to just rush through our days wishing them away.   Life is precious!

God, was busy making the entire world for six days.  But somehow, I just don’t picture Him rushing through it, wishing He was done and it was over with.  I believe He took His time!  I believe He thought about what He was doing; enjoying every minute.

Just imagine, Him taking the time and pleasure in His work; in every simple thing, He created.  He made the stars, the oceans, the trees and flowers, the birds and butterflies, the animals, man and woman, and everything else in between.

He had an entire world to create, and He did it in just six days.   But did He rush?  No, not in the least.   Why do you ask?   Because He said, “This is good.”

If you take the time to do something or create something, and you take pleasure in it, you don’t go this is good, while rushing on to something else.  No, you stop and take the time to look at it, relish in it, and say “This is good,” most likely with a sense of satisfaction and a smile on your face.  Am I right?

So if God, took the time to create the world, and He enjoyed and thought what He created was good, then don’t you imagine He took His time?

But, the point I am making is what did He do on that seventh day?   He rested.  Hint, when do we ever slow down, savor our creations and tasks, and just simply take a day to rest?  

Life is precious and short, so shouldn’t we stop and rest, just like God did?

My goodness, 50 years ago, people rested.  The women would clean and cook on Saturdays for their Sunday lunch.   And on Sunday, what did they do?   Why they went to Church, worshiped the Lord with one another.   They would go home to a family lunch they had prepared for their families and often others they would invite.

They would sit on the front porch and visit with one another, take an afternoon nap.  They simply slowed down, cherished the moments of the day and rested.      

I so want to just slow down, enjoy my work as God did, and then just stop, relax, rest, sit in that rocking chair on my front porch, go to Church, have Sunday family dinner, visit, nap and cherish life one day a week. 

And while I am at it, slow down and enjoy all the days through the week as well.   Don’t you?

Imaginary Friends

images (4)

Have you ever wondered about a child’s imaginary friend? 

I have often.

You see to me, I just don’t believe it is simply a play friend of theirs.

I truly believe they are able to see and hear their imaginary friend.

No, I am not crazy or delusional.

I truly believe they are seeing their guardian angel that God has appointed to watch over them during their lifetime.

Why can’t the older kids and adults see them?

I think that is such a simple answer.

We don’t have that childlike faith and innocence any longer.

I think as we start to grow up we lose that innocence, childlike faith as we see more and more of the world. 

We crowd out the simpleness of our lives with television, learning sin and growing up.

Of course, all this is simply my opinion, but I truly believe its true.

I will give you some true examples.

After we lost a very special person in our family, one of the younger children in our family was able to see him in Spirit at times. 

Then one day he saw his picture and told his Mommy:  “I know that boy, I have seen him.”  

Honest to goodness, truly happened.

Another instance, a child and his family were driving down the highway and pulled over for a funeral procession. 

The young child asked:  “Mommy why is that little girl sitting on that box in that car waving at me?

I truly believe that baby, well little boy saw the little girl in that hearse waving and smiling.

I truly believe that children can see the heavenly world and angels that we simply just can not see.

Isn’t that simply amazing and awesome?!

Another group of people that I truly believe can see their imaginary friends and angels are the special needs children and adults of this world.  

I often think we mistake some people as crazy and talking to themselves when in reality they are talking with their angelic guardian.

Just like when we are approaching death, I believe we see our loved ones waiting to meet us that have already gone home.

True story.

I was staying with one of the most God-fearing women I had ever known when she needed somebody to be there with her, during a tough time in her life. 

She said one day: 

“Christine, don’t be frightened if you see a man sitting on the porch swing from time to time.  It’s my Daddy and he has come to watch over me during this time.”

The peace that constantly filled her home was so overwhelming at all times, the peace of God filled her home, her life and everybody that entered in. 

True peace!!

This dear beloved woman went home to be with the Lord just a couple of weeks later.  

Our family lost a precious soul that day, but Heaven gained a dear sweet precious angel.

Do I believe all three examples truly happened?  

Yes, I know for a fact all three happened, beyond a shadow of a doubt.

So when you see your child, or a special needs child or adult, or a loved one getting ready to go home… and they seem to be watching and talking with somebody we can’t see.

Simply smile and know that God is with them in the form of a guardian angel, or a family member sent just especially for them.

For as the Bible says, we each are appointed a guardian angel, and we entertain angels unaware.

Don’t you wish we all could see and talk with our angel like that? 

I sure do!!!!!!


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