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May 29, 2019


You Are Never Alone

by Christine

Have you ever spent time alone?  I mean yes we all love a few moments alone from time to time, some of us more than others.

But this topic is for the people that are alone, not by any decision of their own. For some, it’s because of a separation, or travels, or the services. For some, it’s because of divorce or worse yet the loss of a dear loved one. I’ve never experienced the loneliness of losing a close loved one. So I’m not even going to pretend I know how those of you reading this feel. I simply don’t. I’m sure I will at some point in my life, but I can’t start to understand that now. Just know that my heart hurts for each of you dearly.

For this blog, I’m going to talk from the experience of divorce. It’s been a long time, many years ago actually, since I was alone. But I have never forgotten how it felt, how it hurt so badly at times. Yes, I was fortunate enough to have my children with me, which was a true blessing. We all three needed each other, we clung together through those hard times. Of course, they had their school friends, I had my coworkers, we had our family, neighbors, longtime friends.

But most importantly we had our Church family and God. Both my children came to know the Lord personally during those times. Which brings me to the point of this story. You see, daytime activities and the company of others gets you through those lonely hard days. True friends that love you, and are there for you with their time, listening ears, hugs, and shoulders to cry on.

But in the stillness of the night, the house is ever so quiet. The thoughts are just flying through your head and those emotions are working overtime. Those were the times I hated the most. A lot of times those nights seemed endless, and ever so hard to get through.

In your head, you know your not really alone. You have your children, family, friends, prayer warriors but in your heart during those emotional times, you feel like you are all alone, totally completely alone. I can remember many times, just balling my eyes out to the point that it seemed there weren’t any tears left.

But then one night, one really really low bad point I had had enough. Oh, the thoughts that raced through my mind that night. I had reached my lowest point. But then it happened….. GOD intervened through the call of a friend. She told me she had been awakened from a dream, and just knew she had to call me immediately.

So at 03:00 a.m. in the morning, my phone rang, just in the nick of time, with not a moment to spare. She was on that line, telling me she didn’t know what is wrong at that moment but she knew God awakened her and she had to call me just then. Today I am so very grateful beyond words for that phone call from my dear friend that was awakened with such an urgency to call me. She spent the next four hours on the phone with me.

God used my dear friend to let me know how very much He loves me. I am so very grateful she was a woman that listened to and obeyed the Lord, so very grateful! He helped me to realize through the action and obedience of my friend, that He cared deeply for me and my children; and we were never really alone.

That night was my turning point, yes I was in Church had been all my life. I knew God, gave my heart to Him years before then. But that night, that call, that friend that was awakened by the Lord, that put those thoughts into action and called, helped me to know God on a much deeper level. I knew then I would never ever really be alone.

There are so many verses in the Bible that talks of the Lord being with us. My absolute favorite is…………..

Hebrews 13:5

Let your conversation be without covetousness; and be content with such things as ye have; for He hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.

I hope you know the Lord, not just having heard of Him, or knowing Him in your head. I pray you know Him deep in your heart. That you talk with him daily, that He is your closest friend. Because when Jesus is walking with you, there is one thing for certain. You are never ever alone, never!

I’m so very glad and thankful that God loves each of us so much. Thank you, Father, for always watching over us, and being with us when we simply talk and walk with you. Help us always to listen for Your voice and obey, for we never know what soul we might be helping by listening to Your voice and being used by You. I so very much love you, Father!

Thank you, Lord!!!!!!

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  1. apavon7
    Nov 5 2018

    Love this and so thankful for that phone call from your friend!


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