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October 21, 2019

Up & Down, Round & Round

by Christine
The Famous Yo-Yo!!!

Up n down……round n round… it goes!!!

The yo-yo has been around, well, it seems like forever, actually it was invented by the Greeks around the year of 500 B.C. as a toy for the children coming of age.

Imagine that?

They bring hours of fun for anybody.

Up and down, up and down.

I never could quite get the hang of it, but oh well.

Some can even have them do tricks, like the rocking chair, and walk the dog.

I think that’s what it’s called.

Some could even swing them round n round in spinning circles.

Me, I might could get it to cooperate for maybe 5 or 6 times, if I was lucky.

I have just never been that coordinated.

Ask anybody that knows me.

BUT…. Believe it or not, this post is about more than a yo-yo.


I was wide awake last night and thought of this.

Don’t laugh, or on second thought go ahead.

After all, LAUGHTER is good for the SOUL!!

All of the above also describes us women.

Sound familiar?

Goodness, we were invented by our Lord and Savior on the sixth day, forever ago.

Our weight yo-yosup n down.

We as women tend to go round n round, constantly taking care of things.

We women, know how to laugh, have fun and carry on over the simplest of things sometimes.

And don’t you know we know how to use that rocking chair for our babies.

And walk our dog, as our companion.

After all, we can gripe to them about all our troubles and stresses.

Who and how are they going to tell anybody?

And, of course, let’s not forget that famous scale all us women hate.

We step on one day, weight is up, another day weight is down.

Good grief, what’s a woman to do?

By the way, ladies, lets just love ourselves the way we are!

After all, God did not make any junk, or mistakes!!!!!!!

We are absolutely beautiful in HIS eyes, don’t ever forget that!!!

Well, there’s my thoughts of insanity for today.

Take care dear friends, where ever you are!!!

Til next time!!!


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