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October 30, 2018

Taming the Beast

by Christine

Taming the beast, what beast am I talking about?

Well, it would depend on who you ask, and how honest of a person they are.

You see, I think all of us have at least one beast, or demon, or addiction or problem that needs to be tamed. Yet so many of us try to keep that beast hidden.

I’m sure you know what I mean. To the world we have it all together, life is grand, good life, good family, happy home etc. But behind closed doors, those rosy glasses come off, the masks are removed that covers our frustrations, anger, and demons and bad habits that we tuck safely away when out in the world.

And then when all the facades are removed, what’s left? The real us, the real person, the real me. So, now do you know what I am talking about?

Can I make a confession? To the world, I appear to be a sweet, kind, charming woman that loves everybody. But my beast, as bad as I hate to admit it, is my mouth. Yes, I really am a kind, generous loving soul that loves being an encouragement to others and loves people.

But every once in a while, as bad as I hate to admit it. That ugly beast shows up usually without warning, and oh my goodness. I become anything but sweet. I so very much dislike that about myself.

Looking back throughout my life, it has always been by mouth that got me in trouble. All those school years, you guessed it, talking in class. I can’t tell you how many times my nose was stuck in that circle on the chalkboard for talking in class. Goodness, I hate to admit it, but in first grade, I got my only paddling, by one of the sweetest teachers I ever had, Mrs. Rymer. Why? For talking in the class of course, when she stepped out of the room. But there’s no doubt I deserved it.

Yes, people, when I was growing up the phrase.” spare the rod, spoil the child” had action behind it. It’s a shame it still is not in practice today. This group of kids and young adults in today’s world would be much better behaved and have respect and morals.

But anyway, back to the topic; no doubt about it, my beast is my mouth.

Even as a child and teenager at home, oh the times I got in trouble for sassing or talking back to my parents. There were a lot of spankings, nose in the cornet times, groundings and writing a 1000 times… “I will not talk back to my parents.” UGH!!!!!

Oh my goodness, me and my big mouth! Did all of that change it? No, not really, still today, I haven’t learned how to control that mouth of mine all the time.

For the most part, I am that sweet kind hearted soul that loves to be happy and make people smile. But then there’s that 4 or 5 percent of the time, when the evils witch gets flipped, and that same mouth that is so sweet one minute, turns really sour and ugly. My tongue becomes as sharp as a two-edged sword.

Please, do not for a minute think that I am proud of it; because I certainly am not. I’m morbidly ashamed of it, the cruel words, yelling, anger, very ashamed. Oh my, how embarrassed I am of the way I act at times.

So here I am bearing my soul and admitting my problem with the beast of my mouth and the cruel phrases and words that come from it at times.

Why? Because I believe when you admit things to yourself and others it puts a light on the subject; it makes you more aware of it. Yes, it’s extremely humiliating and embarrassing to say it out loud, to admit a bad habit. Goodness yes, but maybe, just maybe, that confession will help me to tame my beast.

Our mouth, our tongue I think has always been a problem for mankind. Does that make it okay for me to act in such a way? Goodness no! But its obviously a huge problem. Why do you ask?

Because the Bible is filled with verses about our mouth. How were to control our tongue, and use it to edify and not tear down and to praise and not condemn.

So if you’re like me and your beast is that Dr. Jeckyl/ Mr. Hyde mouth, I pray this blog helps you to stop and think and maybe be willing to admit it, if only to yourself, and strive to tame your beast also. I know I’m going to try hard, truthfully I have been trying, because of the conviction I feel with that evil tongue, those cruel insulting words, oh my. Should I be able to control it?

Yes. I’m reminded of a story Joyce Meyer told…. of course, this isn’t the word for word, but you’ll understand it. She said you can be home yelling and screaming with awful words flying…. the doorbell ring… you see it’s the preacher… you stop immediately, put on your happy face as if nothing is wrong and life is wonderful… open the door ever so gracefully. “Hello Pastor, so kind of you to stop by. Won’t you come in?”

Ouch…. ain’t that the truth? If we can stop our evil mouth in the presence of others, then why can’t we treat our loved ones, and those that are closest to us, with the same kindness and respect?

Certainly, something to think on, ain’t it?

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