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Our Crazy Weather


Have ya’ll noticed how weird our weather is here lately?   

Last week when we were up at the cabin, there was a day that saw almost every spectrum of the weather.  Rain, snow, ice, wind, thunderstorms, clouds and sunshine, changing back and forth throughout the day and night.

 Ain’t that just completely crazy?

It seemed like it changed every few minutes.  We got out to go to breakfast and back to the cabin, just to relax; because the weather was so unpredictable. 

The cabin just seemed the best place to be that day.

It doesn’t seem anything like it was when I was growing up in the 60s and 70s,  back then you knew what to expect.    Simply the four seasons:  Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall.   They all seemed to roll around about the right time, and that was that.

What on earth happened?

You never know how to plan things anymore, because it changes so quickly.    I think even the meteorologists struggle at times to keep up.    I don’t know about you, but I do a lot of last-minute planning nowadays.

I know some say it’s global warming, some say we’re burning up our atmosphere, some say its the earth’s changes, some blame it on the vortex, aerosol cans, pollution, the end times, and on and on.

Who really knows why?  

One thing I do know beyond a shadow of a doubt is, none of it takes God by surprise.

I remember some of the old wives tales from way back when but I never remember to follow along with them.

For instance, the wooly worm in August the blacker it is, the worse the winter will be; thick corn husks bad winter, the number of fogs in August is the number of snows in winter, the 12 days immediately after Christmas, December 25, help you to know what the next 12 months will be and on and on.  

I know a lot of folks just don’t put much stock in the old wives tales; but they worked for many generations of our ancestors, over and over again.   And most of the time they were pretty accurate but yet in today’s world, I’m just not so sure. 

The Bible says you can tell the Seasons by the bud of the trees; but bless our hearts,   I think God has changed that just a bit or we have destroyed our world on our own; which seems more probable.

Because you can’t tell the season by the buds of the tree this year.  I currently have some thrift bloomed, dogwoods budding and daffodils and tulips coming up.  Aint that just so crazy?   We all know winter isn’t over, but even Gods’ creations of nature seem confused in this day and time.

But in thinking about it all as I sit here and write, the good Lord, after all, does allow people to follow their own will and path; suffering the consequences at some point.   There’s one thing for sure this country sure doesn’t worship or even know God the way our ancestors did. 

Sometimes God just allows us to destroy our own world, our own selves when we turn from Him. 

 Just sit down and read your Bible, especially the Old Testament, time and again, people went astray,  and each time there were dire consequences.   Sometimes to the point of destroyed cities, lost crops, dead cattle, and loss of many lives, just to name a very few of the repercussions of worshiping idols and doing stupid things against Gods’ will. 

 And we all know this country as a whole sure has taken God out of the picture,  something to seriously think about.    The people have allowed abortion, took God out of the schools, fight to keep prayers from public functions, changed wholesome television and movies to just plain garbage, created all kinds of evil games that so many people are addicted to now, and on and on we go down this spiral of destruction.   

People can’t even worship free of concerns anymore, why because people consumed by Satan think it’s a great thing to burn down our Churches, or worse yet just walk in and start shooting.     I never imagined that would take place in our world, but here we are in a world that the majority of people would rather do evil than good.   

Then there are all the school shootings, hurting or killing children and people for kicks and out of rage.    All these things happen why?  Because people want to hear what they want, do what they want, and destroy all that is good. 

It truly is a crying shame how so many people in our world have turned to evil, and so few are still faithful to God.    

No wonder our weather is so crazy,  a vast majority of the worlds people are destroying everything that is pure and Holy and meant for good.

Well, I’m pretty sure I went way off subject in this blog, but I simply write from my heart, and whatever God places in my thoughts.

Blessings to you all!!!!