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January 2, 2019

New Beginnings

by Christine


I love the fact that a new year is here.   There’s really no particular reason, I just like new beginnings.   It’s a time to ponder over where you are and think about what you can do better this year.

I hate resolutions, don’t even like the word, for me resolutions simply means great intentions, lousy follow through.   So I prefer to just look at a new year as a time to reflect and decide what’s most important in my life and focus on improving it.

For this year, I’ve decided it’s my health.  There’s a lot of health issues, some very serious, and I long to feel good, no I long to feel great again.   So I want to find ways to help improve my health.

No, I don’t mean, oh I need to diet, and exercise daily and work myself to death.   I simply want to find ways to keep the stress level down, relax my mind more, and make time for prayer walks.

Oh, and stop being so stubborn about things, and listen to the doctor’s advice more.  It would save me a lot of grief and pain.

But to be honest I’m a stubborn soul, my mind says I can, but my body says “Are you crazy?”  I so desperately have to work on that, if I plan to succeed at being healthier, at least in the minor things.

Last year my goals were to get closer to God, and back studying the Bible daily and back in Church.   And I’m so grateful to say I am there. 

 I’m in Church, read the Bible first thing every morning, and journal daily.   And prayer oh my I talk with God about everything, from the great big things to the little bitty things. 

Things most people would think is stupid, but to me even if some of it is so minor or silly; God longs to hear from His children and I know my Father still enjoys listening to me. 

 Truth be known, I would imagine there are times He just  smiles or laughs, and other times I bet He just shakes His head, thinking, “Good grief that daughter of mine,”

He’s my very best friend, and I couldn’t imagine one day of my life without God with me.

I so hope and pray that each of you reading this know the Lord like that, not just in your head.  But you know Him in your heart on a deeply personal level, where your able to just talk with Him about anything as well.   He sure longs to hear from you!

So this year, I’m certain I can manage to decrease work stress, relax my mind more, which for me is blogging and journaling; and Lord willing improve my health some.

Oh and walking, I enjoy it so, I just need to decide which park will be best for me to enjoy.

I hope you enjoy new years, new beginnings, and chances to start over and improve. 

 Hopefully, you have a thought or two in mind for the new year.  Just remember to make it simple, take baby steps, and simply enjoy this journey called life.

Happy New Year to all of my dear friends, family, and readers!!!

Till next time!!!

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