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June 22, 2019

The Life of a Trucker

by Christine

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Trucking has been in my family all of my life. 

My Daddy as a driver when I was a young child, my first husband a truck driver, and a family business that Daddy started when I was a child, that we all still run today. 

Trucking is just simply a huge part of our lives! 

So many people put truckers down, but what you all don’t realize is that this country or any country for that matter can not survive without the trucking industry.

Sure you might get things hauled by plane, or ship or train…..

But you still have to get it all to the towns, communities, and stores that make up this world. 

So folks, appreciate the truck drivers you see along your way, they so deserve it!

I wrote this poem many many years ago in my first marriage when I was home with our children.

Hope you enjoy it.

The Life of a Trucker

It takes a special kind of man to be a trucker it’s true.

Everyday roaming the land with the days home very few.

Some are gone just one night, while others a week or more.

Driving through the dark and daylight to return home tired and sore.

Often he’s not home very long and it never is really enough.

Until its time again to be strong as you once again pack his stuff.

He’s off again this time out west on a week or more long run.

Waving by you do your best to hide your tears from your son.

He seems so very small and shy as he stands there clinging to you.

Doing his best not to cry, yet you still see a tear or two.

You both know the hurt of watching him go and you know it hurts him to leave.

Knowing how the days are lonely and slow so you trust in the Lord and believe.

That he will safely bring him home from this trip and all the rest.

And one day he will never again roam but be home with his family well blessed.

Remember folks, we need all these men and women that spend so much time away from home, just to make sure they can provide a living for their families, and deliver the goods for all of us,

So appreciate them, and be kind on the road, they so deserve it!!

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