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Love Everybody!!!!

Jesus loves the little children!!!!!

All the children of the world!!!!

Red, yellow, black and white; they are precious in His sight!!!

Jesus loves the little children of the world……

Have you ever really thought about the words to that children’s song?

Jesus loves everybody, all the children!!!!!!

Shouldn’t we also?

Shouldn’t we love everybody as well? 

Whether just conceived, a newborn or toddler…..

a child, teen or young adult…..

middle age, or senior…. All of us!!!!!!

Were ALL are His children!!!!!

He loves us ALL!!!!

No matter what skin color, or from what country……

No matter what social status, education or profession….

No matter what language, fat or thin, rich or poor or anything else!

Jesus simply, truly loves one and all……. 

Shouldn’t we ALL love EVERYBODY too???

We all are created equal, we all have the same color of blood….

We ALL live on this earth together…..

So folks, let’s learn to love each other and be kind!!!!

Nobody, and I sincerely mean nobody is better than the next person. 

We ALL are equal!!!!!

We all have a heart, a brain, thoughts……

We ALL are the same in so many ways!!

We the people…..

of EVERY continent….

EVERY country…

EVERY community and…..

EVERY other nook and cranny of this world……

We ALL are simply people sharing this world together!!!

So please folks, love everybody!!! 

Be kind!!

Treat people the way YOU want to be treated. 

It’s the golden rule, ya know.

The Golden Rule

Just think…. what a wonderful world this would be, if we all did that!!!!!

So smile……

Be kind……..

Love everybody!!!

Til next time!!!!