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Our Government

Our government, I’m seriously disappointed in the leaders of our country right now.

Squabbling, and bickering, and sometimes just being really ugly to the fellow members of our government.

Why can they not simply just stop and think about what the arguments and tantrums are doing to the American people?

I can remember my children as toddlers, those times they would act like spoiled little brats and throw those famous temper tantrums that children are so known for.

But folks, in my opinion, our Countries leaders are acting just as bad if not worse than a toddler throwing a tantrum.

They so need to quit pitching fits, put on their adult clothes and act like somebody.  They need to stop and think what their bickering is doing to our country and the people who live here.

We are citizens of the United States of America.  Our country was founded by people that cared about this country and its people, even the posterity to come.

They believed in God, had morals, and worked together as a group for the betterment of our this United States of America.

Am I an American citizen?  Of course I am.  Born and bred in Tennessee, and it’s home; always has been and always will be.  So yes I am a southern girl, through and through.

I believe in God, do my best to live right in His eyes, still say yes mam and no sir, please and thank you.  Care about my neighbors, our Church family and have strong convictions and morals, and I work, have for 23 years now at the same place.

So I bet you can already guess I am a conservation Christian that votes  Republican.   Do I always agree with everything about their choices, goodness no.  Especially right now.

I think all this bickering and partial shut down of our government is ridiculous.  What point does it really prove?

I voted for Mr. Trump, I truly think he wants whats best for America.   I don’t care for his arrogance and the way he acts so pompous some times.   But, bless his soul, maybe that will get lessen in time; and he will become more humble.

What I do NOT agree with is the fight over a wall, and shutting down part of our government to prove a point, of I’m the President and I have the power to do this if I want.  To me that’s just wrong!

It’s wrong to hurt all the people that live here, that vote, work hard, and do their best for their families and those around them.   Just so he can throw a tantrum because he is not getting his way over a wall.

Shame on you, Mr. President, causing hardship on the same American people that some voted you into office.  Bet they aren’t very happy with you now. A lot of people just aren’t.

Yes we have bad people, evil people that commit hideous crimes, and yes a lot of the drug and sex trafficking and gangs may come from South America.   But evil is everywhere around us, just take a look here in America.  Its American citizens killing school children and Church members and our officers, among many others.  Our prisons are full of American citizens that have committed hideous crimes.  You cant judge an entire country by a few evil people that live in it.  Think about that.  What would people say about us as Americans when you think of all the evil going on here in our own country?

And you are not supposed to cause hardship on your fellow man by saying, well I’m not getting my way, so I’m just going to shut a bunch of this down, til you all see it my way.

Good grief, Mr. President.

Everybody agrees to some extent about people coming to our country legally, yes all should.  No it’s not like the Hispanic culture has to get off a boat like the early settlers did and go through the ports; or fly by jet in today’s world and go through airport security.  Yes it is true that they can simply walk here.

But have you ever sat and listened to the horrors, brutality and inhumane treatment some of them go through to get here, to make a better life for their families?  Have you?  If not, maybe it’s high time you do.

But have you all stopped to think about how those that work hard, and love their families, simply want to come to America to build a better life for their families?  Just like all our ancestors did so many years ago?

Some of the hardest working people I see sometimes are the Hispanic culture.   Yes, we may provide benefits for many, yes people scream they take away our jobs.  But folks we provide benefits from people of all countries, don’t we?   And a bunch that do not deserve it!!!!

Wake up people, how many people in our country have drawn unemployment and lived off the government, simply because they do not want to work.  They would rather sit at home, play their games, talk on their free phones, run to the doctor for every little ache and pain, scream “oh how I hurt,” to receive prescription pain pills that they sell later to help them live their lifestyle of doing nothing except their addictive habits, watch television, play electronic games,  burn up social media with the free phones our government gave them and pigging out on the junk food that they purchase with the food stamps we provide for them.

I know I’m probably ruffling some feathers, and to me that is okay.  We have the right to think and believe and voice our opinions.  Our constitution made that possible.   But everything I have said is true.

America’s citizens that truly need help, our seniors, our veterans, the widows, those that are single parents and cant make ends meet but work and try hard are the ones that suffer.  There’s something so wrong with our government when a Senior citizen is offered $ 16.00 a month for food assistance.  Really????

Yet we have all these lazy deadbeats in our country, yes I am talking about the American citizens, sitting on their rump drawing $ 500.00 and $ 600.00 dollars a month and more, plus all kinds of other assistance.

That is sooooooo very wrong!!!!

It is WRONG to shut down our government and make the American people suffer, and work without pay, oh yes, maybe there’s a promise that some of them will be paid later; but what on earth are they supposed to do in the meantime.

They have families to feed, gas to put in their cars, mortgage or rent to pay, lights and utilities to keep on, money for their kids school needs.   The old saying money doesn’t grow on trees is still true today.

What about our parks that are closed, it’s tax time, the IRS, its flu season, the fact that our food isn’t being inspected, our waters that are not protected, our prisons need guards that have their mind on their job completely, our air traffic control, and on and on.

How would all of you Senators and Congress folks feel, if you lost your paycheck?    If you had to worry how you are going to get to work, or pay that doctor bill, or keep the lights on in frigid temperatures, or keep food on the table?

What is good for the goose is good the gander.  I’ve heard that expression all my life.

If you want to shut down part of the government and make them work for free.  Then why don’t you open up everything again; and this time do it right.

Make the leaders, the Senators, the Congressman, the White House staff work everyday without pay, not knowing when you ever will get a paycheck.

They are the ones that are supposed to have the best interest of the American people first and foremost in their mind.  But are they?

So for all you government folks, it’s time for you to put on your big girl and big boy clothes, stop acting like spoiled toddlers, get up off that floor and stop those temper tantrums, and act like adults.

We the people, had enough confidence in each of you to vote you all into office.   Stop making us all regret it, and live up to your role as leaders of our country, instead of a bunch of whining babies.

Our forefathers would roll over in their graves, seeing how our government is acting this year.

Just food for thought!!!!!








Immigration? Didn’t ALL our descendants come from other countries?

Didn’t our early ancestors come to America, fighting hunger, disease, danger and so many other things, even death?

And for what?

So they could make and have a better life for their families than they did in their home country?

Who are we to judge who has a right to come to America?

All our ancestors came from somewhere else: Europe, Asia, Germany, Russia, Africa, Italy, Greece, Ireland and on and on.

When the first settlers came, do you think the Indians were happy about that? We were plumb evil to each other for a long time. But then as more and more people started to arrive, America started growing and prospering. Yes, I’m sure there were some conflicts among the people, some serious and deadly conflicts along the way. People just don’t like change. But look how far our country has come since then.

But in my opinion, we are so very very wrong to keep people from coming to America to have a better life!

Yes, no doubt there are some very wicked people amongst those that want to come to America; and not just from South America; but from all countries!

But look how many evil Americans we have here, BORN AND BRED. the rapists, murderers, drug dealers, child molesters, or all those that shot children and adults in schools and Churches, and on and on. Our prisons are overflowing with people that have done evil things.

Do we really think we are any better than the people in any other country or society?

Really folks?

Look around, watch the news, read the paper, the internet headlines.

We have a whole lot of really evil people in our own country as well.

There are good and bad people on every continent, in every country, in every city to the smallest little hometown.

But on the other hand, a lot of them are just simple folk wanting a better life for their family; just like each of our ancestors did.

And another thing, I think it is a crying shame that we call our fellow man “illegal aliens”.

Shame on each and every person that does so!

How would you like to be called that, it would hurt your feelings wouldn’t it?

Then stop saying it!!!!!

People are not flying here in ufo’s, they are not little green Martians.

They are people, plain and simple people just like all of us are.

We are all human beings, created by God, and all of us, I repeat, ALL OF US, are very precious to Him.

We all were created in HIS image, we all have a heart, soul, life, feelings, and we all were created to be equal in His eyes.


Instead of looking down our noses at others, avoiding those that are poor, homeless, mentally challenged, fat, thin, smart, dumb, dress differently, speak a different language; are different than you or me, we should treat them the way we want to be treated; the golden rule.

Do you get the point?

Stop judging and start showing kindness and compassion to others, everybody!!!

And remember we ALL had ancestors that immigrated to America for a better life, and all, I repeat ALL, should be allowed to immigrate today as well.

Don’t get me wrong.

Yes, they should do everything in their power to become a model citizen of the United States. And we should treat them as such.

Most come to simply work, and provide for their loved ones here, and to send money to their families back home. Just go into any store on a Thursday or Friday at lunchtime when they have their paychecks from a long week of work. The Hispanic folks are in there cashing their checks and getting money orders to send to their loved ones still living in their homeland.

People scream they have come and taken away Americas jobs. Do you all even realize how many Americans do not, and will not work. You couldn’t get some to go to work in a pie factory and get paid just for tasting pies.

Some folks, actually a whole bunch of American folks would rather sit at home, draw from the government, spend their days watching tv, playing video games, and selling their pills that they get from some of these doctors that hand them out like candy, with a me mentality. I have actually heard a few people, American citizens, actually say. “Why should I work? I’ve got it made just like I am.”

Some folks may not like the Hispanic culture, but they seem to work a whole lot harder and do a lot more of the tough jobs than a lot of Americans, that think they don’t have to work or will not work doing hard labor.

And their culture truly believes in family, with genuine care and concern to provide for their loved ones.

Can all of us Americans say we do that?

Just saying, think on all that.

Will you?

Our Crazy Weather


Have ya’ll noticed how weird our weather is here lately?   

Last week when we were up at the cabin, there was a day that saw almost every spectrum of the weather.  Rain, snow, ice, wind, thunderstorms, clouds and sunshine, changing back and forth throughout the day and night.

 Ain’t that just completely crazy?

It seemed like it changed every few minutes.  We got out to go to breakfast and back to the cabin, just to relax; because the weather was so unpredictable. 

The cabin just seemed the best place to be that day.

It doesn’t seem anything like it was when I was growing up in the 60s and 70s,  back then you knew what to expect.    Simply the four seasons:  Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall.   They all seemed to roll around about the right time, and that was that.

What on earth happened?

You never know how to plan things anymore, because it changes so quickly.    I think even the meteorologists struggle at times to keep up.    I don’t know about you, but I do a lot of last-minute planning nowadays.

I know some say it’s global warming, some say we’re burning up our atmosphere, some say its the earth’s changes, some blame it on the vortex, aerosol cans, pollution, the end times, and on and on.

Who really knows why?  

One thing I do know beyond a shadow of a doubt is, none of it takes God by surprise.

I remember some of the old wives tales from way back when but I never remember to follow along with them.

For instance, the wooly worm in August the blacker it is, the worse the winter will be; thick corn husks bad winter, the number of fogs in August is the number of snows in winter, the 12 days immediately after Christmas, December 25, help you to know what the next 12 months will be and on and on.  

I know a lot of folks just don’t put much stock in the old wives tales; but they worked for many generations of our ancestors, over and over again.   And most of the time they were pretty accurate but yet in today’s world, I’m just not so sure. 

The Bible says you can tell the Seasons by the bud of the trees; but bless our hearts,   I think God has changed that just a bit or we have destroyed our world on our own; which seems more probable.

Because you can’t tell the season by the buds of the tree this year.  I currently have some thrift bloomed, dogwoods budding and daffodils and tulips coming up.  Aint that just so crazy?   We all know winter isn’t over, but even Gods’ creations of nature seem confused in this day and time.

But in thinking about it all as I sit here and write, the good Lord, after all, does allow people to follow their own will and path; suffering the consequences at some point.   There’s one thing for sure this country sure doesn’t worship or even know God the way our ancestors did. 

Sometimes God just allows us to destroy our own world, our own selves when we turn from Him. 

 Just sit down and read your Bible, especially the Old Testament, time and again, people went astray,  and each time there were dire consequences.   Sometimes to the point of destroyed cities, lost crops, dead cattle, and loss of many lives, just to name a very few of the repercussions of worshiping idols and doing stupid things against Gods’ will. 

 And we all know this country as a whole sure has taken God out of the picture,  something to seriously think about.    The people have allowed abortion, took God out of the schools, fight to keep prayers from public functions, changed wholesome television and movies to just plain garbage, created all kinds of evil games that so many people are addicted to now, and on and on we go down this spiral of destruction.   

People can’t even worship free of concerns anymore, why because people consumed by Satan think it’s a great thing to burn down our Churches, or worse yet just walk in and start shooting.     I never imagined that would take place in our world, but here we are in a world that the majority of people would rather do evil than good.   

Then there are all the school shootings, hurting or killing children and people for kicks and out of rage.    All these things happen why?  Because people want to hear what they want, do what they want, and destroy all that is good. 

It truly is a crying shame how so many people in our world have turned to evil, and so few are still faithful to God.    

No wonder our weather is so crazy,  a vast majority of the worlds people are destroying everything that is pure and Holy and meant for good.

Well, I’m pretty sure I went way off subject in this blog, but I simply write from my heart, and whatever God places in my thoughts.

Blessings to you all!!!!

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