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April 26, 2019

Prayer Warrior

by Christine

Prayer Warrior?

Some of you may wonder what or who that is?

Please allow me to tell you, pull up a chair, relax and just simply read on, stopping to let it soak in.

You see being a prayer warrior, is quite simple.

It is a person, either man or woman, that has heard about God and His ultimate sacrifice of His Son on the cross, for our sins.

They have listened and believed upon the Lord God Almighty and accepted His free gift of Salvation.

A prayer warrior is a person that wants to always be in communication with and near God.

A person that wants to talk with Him first thing every morning, before they even start their day.

They can’t wait to tell their Lord and Saviour Good Morning Father, with such love and adoration.

They are full of compassion and deeply care for all those around them.

Sharing in people’s hurts, joys, concerns, tragedies, triumphs and always, always bathing them with prayer.

They truly care for others they don’t even know and won’t even meet upon this earth, yet they know they hurt and struggle too, and pray for them.

A true prayer warrior has peace about them, that only God can give them.

They have such a willingness to mind the Lord, to follow His gentle promptings.

No matter what He may ask of them, they know God only has their best interest at heart.

And they are generally eager to be about God’s work of praying for and helping others.

Are they perfect people?

Goodness no, none of us ever are; but they keep their eyes fixed on Jesus and eternity with Him one day.

Did they accept God one day and immediately become a prayer warrior right then?

Goodness no, each and every person starts their new walk with the Lord ever so gently, learning a little more each day.

How do they learn each day?

By reading His word, not just rushing through a chapter that turns out to be just a bunch of words on paper, that you can’t even remember three minutes later,

But truly reading and studying, digging deep through the scriptures, learning them slowly, asking others and God and seeking answers.

Do you know that when you first start reading, some of it may seem a little difficult for you in places, but God….. He loves you dearly, and if you ask Him for wisdom and understanding; He will give it to you to help you understand.

Another way to learn about your walk with God and His scripture is to search out people in your community and your Church that truly know the Lord and walk that walk. They will be able to guide you and help you so very much.

Please don’t ever think you are bothering a person, those that love the Lord are always anxious to help others grow in their walk with God and your prayer life.

Prayer, so many people think they do not know how to pray.

That’s so sad and more importantly untrue.

If you can open your mouth to speak, or if you can think, you can pray.

So many people stand and make these long drawn out prayers, sometimes I think for show more than the desire to truly talk with God.

But all it takes is just simply talking to Him like you would your best friend because that’s what He longs to be for you; your Saviour, Father and best Friend.

Your prayer as you start out praying may be as simple as… “Lord, thank You for saving me.”

Maybe it will be a cry for help, “Lord please help me.” or “God, teach me how to pray.”

Prayers types and words are just as numerous as the people in this world.

There is no right or wrong way, it is simply you finding your own words that you wish to say to God.

And just like anything else you do often, the more you talk to God, the easier it becomes.

You will even get to the point where you just want to sit quietly and listen for His voice.

No, people do not generally hear an audible voice, but you feel His presence and that sweet gentle Spirit inside leading you, nudging you, guiding you on the path He has planned for you.

And in time, as you study His Word, and continue praying more and more, you will have such a desire for Jesus, that everything else will take other places in your life.

God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, His Word and praying to Him, will feel your every waking thought throughout the days.

You will find yourself praying for a person you meet in a store, a man you pass walking down the road, that teacher that you heard was struggling with a difficult group of students, a doctor report of a friend, your neighbor, your friends, your family, your Church, the leaders of our countries, the poor, the sick, the homeless, the lost.

The lists become endless. And no, it is not a chore, it is a special privilege that you want to do.

You simply pray because you want to, you feel led to, your heart just grows bigger and bigger with each passing day for all those around you in your own neighborhood, to people and situations everywhere.

And my dear friends, sisters, and brothers in Christ; that is what makes a prayer warrior.

As I sit here writing this, my heart is filled with the happiness of knowing two different women from two different Churches that I have called home through the years; that were and are serious prayer warriors.

When I was at Shiloh, where I raised my children, my dearest friend, Wanda, was that prayer warrior, she prayed and it seemed as if the room filled with Gods presence. You could always just feel the peace she carried with her from the Lord; no matter what.

Cloverleaf, my home Church for the past few years, and I hope forevermore is a praying Church.

But one dear lady, in particular, stands out amongst the rest. Ms. Faye, oh how she loves the Lord, you can just feel her love for Him, in her songs, in the service, in fellowship. She most certainly has that sweet sweet Spirit emanating from her, every single moment.

I long to be that prayer warrior, where I pray on behalf of each and every person I know and don’t know. For our country, our world, the lost, the homeless, the sick and those that have lost loved ones, and on and on.

Prayers that bring you to your knees with tears as big as raindrops for those on your heart, trusting and knowing, without a doubt our Father has heard my prayer and is working on each and every prayer request with utmost care and concern.

Am I there yet, I’m well on my way, but I truly believe we all can grow deeper and deeper in our prayer life until we have taken our last breath here on earth.

That’s my prayer, to be that prayer warrior!

How about you?

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