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August 23, 2019


by Christine

I absolutely love children!

It doesn’t matter their age, boy or girl, nationality, age; I simply love children.

It’s true sometimes having children around can be tiring, especially as you age, but children are also one of the greatest joys this side of Heaven!!

Yes, there are times, they will throw a temper tantrum, or make you feel like pulling your hair out.  Or maybe you have asked them over and over to clean their room or brush their teeth, til your just blue in the face.


There are also all the times when they give you those big smiles, or wrap their arms around your neck for a hug, or say ” I love you!” that just absolutely melts your heart!

All those times they make you something at school, or color you a picture to hang on the refrigerator, or maybe come in from outside with those dirty little hands, great big smiles and a little flower they picked just for you!

You just can’t help but love children!

Both of mine are grown now, in their 30’s; even the grandchildren are growing up way too fast.   My goodness, they are already in the preteen and teen years.

Time has a way of slipping by oh so fast!  

I wrote the poem below many many years ago when my children were approaching the tween stage. 

 I hope you enjoy it!


Children are a special creation

That God gave to man.

Asking only for one promise

Raise them the best we can.

There are many times it’s painful

As we watch their hearts break.

Standing by sad and mournful

As we too hurt and ache.

Yearning to make it better

And wipe away all tears.

Yet knowing that they must learn

To deal with life’s fears.

As we watch our children grow

More and more each day.

We teach them all that we know

And every day we pray.

Looking to the Lord for guidance

As we fulfill this important task.

Of raising our children, God has given

In the way that He has asked.


Folks cherish your children, grandchildren and those all around you!

They grow up so very fast.

Always take time for them, hug them, and be sure to let them know each day…..


I bet they would love to hear it!

Who knows you might just hear I love you right back!

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