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November 25, 2018


by Christine

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Thanksgiving has rolled around again, goodness it’s hard to believe that it’s November again already.    I absolutely love Thanksgiving!   It’s a Holiday that celebrates tradition and family and friends and time together around the table.   Something families just don’t do enough of anymore. 

Families seem to be getting smaller and spend a lot less time getting together and gathering around the table.    But oh when Thanksgiving comes around, the families and friends gather, there’s laughter in the kitchen as the women are busy cooking; the younger kids are running wild playing with their cousins; the older ones most likely with their heads down lost in their technology; and all the guys yacking about their trucks, hunting, fishing and of course sports and the upcoming football games. 

Then the tables are set, everybody gathers, blessings are mentioned from various ones of the thankfulness for things in their lives, and heads are all bowed for the head of the family to say grace to our Father who has blessed each of us beyond measure. 

Then everybody settles down around the table, kiddies tables and anywhere and everywhere else people can gather to eat a huge Thanksgiving feast.  And oh how we all eat, usually way too much; but oh ain’t it so good? 

There are talks, laughter, and memories shared and maybe a question or two of the upcoming Christmas Holiday.  There’s nothing like a family get together where there are tons of hugs, laughter, joy and all those memory lane discussions. 

Then a bit later all the bellies are full, tables are cleared, food is wrapped, guys are patting those stomachs and ready to settle down for football; kids are still running wild, teens are lost in electronics and the women are gathered over coffee discussing all the black Friday specials they can’t wait to get started on.  

Thanksgiving is a wonderful day for so many, and yet a lonely day for others.  My prayer is that everybody has somebody to share Thanksgiving day with, even if it’s just for a cup of coffee,

Happy Thanksgiving!

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