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November 29, 2018

Christmas Shopping!

by Christine

I so love the Christmas Season, trimming the tree, all the decorations, the lights, the music, shopping, wrapping gifts, Christmas cards, Christmas movies, family get-togethers, all of it!

But can I make a confession?

I have come to the conclusion that sitting at home with the computer in front of you choosing everybody’s Christmas gifts and placing all those orders with home delivery seems to take away the joy of Christmas for me.

I struggle with noise and crowds now, due to a few health issues; so I thought I would just order all the Christmas gifts online.

No crowded stores, not a ton of people, no excess noise, no anxiety or panic attacks.

I thought it would be best for me and my family all the way around.

I took plenty of time to choose just the right gifts to order, enjoyed the wrapping of all the gifts.

I really thought it was the best way to do my shopping this year.


I missed out on something important, in spite of fears and anxiety.

I missed out on all the Christmas music playing in the stores.

I missed out on all the beautiful decorations throughout the malls.

I missed out on all the people, the smiles, those precious words to others of “Merry Christmas.”

Sometimes you think a certain way is best, just to find out later on, that no it really wasn’t.

So, even though all my shopping is finished, everything is wrapped and under the tree, I’m going to the mall this weekend.

It is now just a few days left to get out and shop in the stores, listen to the Christmas music, see the decorations, and smile with a “Merry Christmas” to those I meet along the way.

Yes, it’s true, it took me till the last weekend of the Christmas Holiday to realize this, but this old girl will be out there with all of those that do their shopping at the last minute.

But you never know, I might just find that Christmas Spirit I seem to be missing so very much this season.

Even if I do only get out for an hour or two. I think it will be a wonderful time celebrating the joyous season.

Oh, and next year, I am praying all is better and I will then be right in the middle of all the Christmas shoppers, enjoying the music, decorations, and joys of Christmas shopping with plenty of smiles and “Merry Christmas!” to everybody I meet for hours upon hours, and several different days; smiling and humming the entire time.

The laptop, well how about I use it for pictures and blogging instead?

So from our home to yours, I’d like to wish each and every one of you a joyous, memorable very Merry Christmas!!!

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