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Just a Drive

Travel…… I love it!!!

Some places I seem to gravitate to again and again….. others only a time or two…but they all leave such a lasting impression or memory!!!

Do any of you ever just decide to take a drive out of the blue?

No Destination… No Agenda… No Set Time to be Anywhere… Just Simply a Drive……

I love to, I always have. There have been so many times I’d just wake up and think it’s a great day for a drive! You hop in the car and just go.

Where to?        Anywhere.


I’ve made it as simple as just riding around town, looking at homes and their landscaping, getting ideas of things I like..


Sometimes, head out towards where I grew up, to go down “memory lane” so to speak….. stopping here and there just to think about different times in my life.

Maybe take off to the city for some serious retail shopping… and then just riding around looking at the various little shops and such.


I love a ride up through the mountains, just simply to enjoy God’s nature that He blessed us with.

Sometimes simply a drive up to the river to toss stones and enjoy the serenity.

And once in a while, I’ll take a drive that takes a few hours, just because you read about a place, and think ” hmmmmm, gonna check that out.”


See, you can go a million different directions when you just decide to take a drive out of the blue…

For me, I find it absolutely one of the greatest things to do, just to simply unwind, see new places, enjoy “me” time, or just because…. well…. you just want to.

So I hope you will get out and travel a bit too!!!

Whether by plane, boat, car, bus, taxi, bicycle or even on foot…whatever you preferred way might be……

Whether you go around the world, to the next state, a nearby town, or just down the road, or even just around the block

You can always make it an Adventure.          

Happy Travels!!!!!!!