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Come on in, sit a spell!


Come on in, sit a spell…

Growing up I heard those words often.

I grew up in a little community in the country where everybody knew each other.

Why, you just waved and spoke to everybody, never met a stranger.

You could sleep with your windows up, even leave the doors unlocked at night or while you were gone.

Times sure have changed, haven’t they?

But those days were the best!

I loved spending time with my grandparents, spent every weekend I could with them.

It wouldn’t be anything for family, friends, neighbors or just anybody to drop in for a visit.

And what would they hear?

“Well, come on in, sit a spell.”

People would be offered coffee or tea, and of course, a bite to eat… and they would just love sitting and visiting with one another.. talking, laughing, reminiscing.

Those were some great times.

I hope at least some of you had the joy and privilege to have had days like that.

They were simply the best!

So to all of you that drop in…

Well, come on in… sit a spell!!!!!!