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October 12, 2019


by Christine



Hey, ya’ll…………..

How many of you folks shop at Walmart?

A crazy question to ask, ain’t it?

But, for this crazy girl, I love shopping there.

I guess I have as long as we’ve had one in town. Of course, times have changed, the town has grown a lot, and we have one on each side.

Me personally, I prefer the south side, lot more plain folk in it for sure.

You know what I mean.

Just about every town has the old center part where it all began, the north side which is usually a bit more upscale, and then the south side for us simple folks.

That’s where I fall in at, just a plain simple country girl.

But the folks that shop at Walmart crack me up.

You see some dressed nicely in their office clothes, or Sunday finest.

Then you’ve got your everyday hard-working folks in their uniforms or jeans and shirts.

Then there’s some that well could use a few more body parts covered if you get my drift.


But the ones that crack me up and appall me the most at the same time, is those in their pajamas and slippers or worse yet, pj’s and even robes. 

pajama shopping

What has our society come to, that people can’t even take the time to get properly dressed before going out in public?

Really, have we allowed ourselves to become that lazy?  

Can you imagine what all those well-dressed ladies in the past would think of today’s folks?

Goodness, they never even went out of the house without their lipstick!

Today, we have folks that go out looking like…. well…  hmmm….. lazy folks, to be polite.

Good grief!!!!


But anyway, other than that, I love Walmart, especially early morning, before most women have even rolled out of bed and got their face on, and started their day.

I can go, get my shopping done and be back home before it even starts to get crowded.

The old saying, ” the early bird gets the worm”.

For me, it’s the early shopper gets peace and quiet to browse around.

My favorite department, housewares, and crafts.

Don’t ask me why?      I don’t know, just being a woman I guess.

I have more things now than I possibly will ever need.

But that’s my favorite browsing areas.


But let me tell you about my newest all-time favorite thing.

Wanna know what it is?

Yep, you guessed it…..               


grocery pickup


Oh my stars how I love that, use it faithfully.

Why I haven’t physically shopped inside a store for groceries in at least three months.

I start the day after shopping, I first decide when I want to pick them up again.

Then, I just add to my list as I think of things; taking time to compare prices, of course.

I add what I want in my cart, check my pickup time, double-check everything, submit, pay; and I’m done until they text me and it’s time to pick them up.

Check-in on my phone with the text, drive over, and here they come out, bagged and ready to take home.

walmart pickup

What more could you possibly ask for?

I know exactly what I’m getting, shopped for the best prices, took my time, no temptations to spend more than I want on impulse buying, works great!!!

Easy peasy!!!!


Well, until next time…..

Happy shopping ya’ll!!!!


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