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October 9, 2019

Child Support for Kittens

by Christine

cat n kitten

Last week we stopped at this little country store…. there was this sweet older lady working as a cashier.

It was a comical stop!

Hubby stopped for a cup of coffee, poured it just to find out it was cold. He told her their coffee is cold, her reply.… “Oh hon we know it, we just brew it, the warmers broke, so folks just bring it up here and we warm it in the microwave.”

He comes out to tell me about it and drink his coffee, the little lady comes out, looking just as country as cornbread, to sit on the bench.

She says, ” Did ya’ll see a cat out here, she’s always here?”   Hubby…. “no, I haven’t seen one”

Lady.… ” Well she has to be here, somebody let her out a few weeks ago, and well, ol Tom got her pregnant right off the bat, then he went and got himself run over out there on the highway a week later.

So see, now were the grandparents and gotta take care of them grandbabies…. that child support ya know for our babies.

Daddy’s gone, so gotta raise them, babies.”

I’m so glad, I was sitting in the car with the window just down a bit,

cause I burst out laughing….


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