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October 12, 2019


by Christine

I love weekends, don’t you?

Sometimes they seem dreadfully short, but yet we love them.

But, we seem to wish the week away, and in return, our lives too, just to get to the weekend!

Monday morning…. alarm goes off you drag out of bed, get ready for work, the whole time thinking…… “Monday, oh how I hate Mondays, the weekend was way too short.”

Tuesday, “ugh…. alarm already you gotta be kidding me.”

Wednesday.... “halfway there, hump day, just two more days to go.”

Thursday, “I can’t wait for the weekend.”

Friday … “woohoo payday, Friday at last”.

We get those checks, go out to eat, enjoy the evening, tired, oh yeah, but hey it’s Friday!!

The weekend at last….. we love the weekends and look forward to them.

We live it up, sleep in, hang out, sports, hobbies, friends, family, Church, shopping, BBQs, the lists are endless!

We get time to do all those things we so enjoy.... then…. it happens….

Sunday night, it’s over, again…. and way too fast, as usual!

But hey, it’ll be back in five more days… and on and on it goes.

The moral of this .… there are five days in between those weekends…. don’t ya think we all should enjoy them too?

We all need to stop wishing our days and lives away?

So ya’ll…. let’s slow down, take each day as it comes, and enjoy it for its all worth.

Let’s stop just rushing through them, counting down to the weekends.

I bet we all would be happier and much less stressed, don’t ya imagine???

We might even see more smiles in the world, so ya’ll…..

slow down,

enjoy each moment,

oh and smile!!!!

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